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Freeland Hosts Secret Liberal Plot Against Trudeau in Backyard


Trudeau Faces Internal Mutiny

In a wild turn of events, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland just hosted a secret meeting of Liberal MPs in her own backyard to plot the downfall of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

According to explosive reports, a group of Liberal MPs secretly gathered at Freeland’s home to scheme about ousting Trudeau after the humiliating by-election loss exposed his weaknesses.

This backyard gathering was a major act of betrayal by Trudeau’s own deputy! Her actions show that the rebellion against Trudeau is now happening right within his own party.

Led by double-crossers like Freeland, the knives are out for Trudeau as his support evaporates. Plots and whispers are everywhere, all aimed at overthrowing the struggling PM before he takes the whole party down with him.

With former top allies like Freeland now openly plotting against him, Trudeau’s days are clearly numbered. It’s like a political thriller with Freeland playing Brutus to Trudeau’s Caesar.

Freeland’s backyard summit was the starting point for the internal coup gaining momentum against Trudeau. 

Freeland Shocking Betrayal

A huge number of Liberal MPs recently met secretly in Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s own backyard to plot the ouster of their weakened leader Justin Trudeau, according to bombshell reports. 

In a bold move of betrayal, Freeland hosted a group of Toronto-based Liberal MPs to talk about how to oust Trudeau after their shocking by-election loss.

Freeland didn’t even try to hide her actions, admitting she provided the space for these secret talks focused on getting rid of Trudeau after the by-election disaster.

This eye-opening move from Freeland shows just how panicked the Liberal party is as Trudeau’s grip on power weakens. With allies like Freeland turning on him, Canada’s struggling prime minister is facing threats from all sides.

This secret meeting was chaired by Scarborough-Guildwood MP John McKay, who heads the 416 Liberal caucus. McKay declined to comment on the meeting, which proves they were plotting to show Trudeau the door.

Make no mistake – Freeland’s backyard summit was ground zero for the internal Liberal revolt rapidly gaining momentum against Trudeau’s stagnant leadership as the party sinks further into disarray and irrelevance. 

Trudeau is really in a tough spot now—he’s lost the trust of Canadian voters, and even his closest allies in Parliament are secretly meeting to plot his downfall. It’s a full-blown mutiny against the PM right in the open.

The Liberal caucus is falling apart even faster than Trudeau’s approval ratings. Freeland’s little garden gathering is practically an act of treason against the struggling captain of Canada’s sinking ship, Justin Trudeau.

With the party openly rebelling, it’s clear Trudeau’s days are numbered. Loyalty and integrity are pretty much nonexistent among the Liberals these days. Led by backstabbing liberals like Freeland, his former supporters are jumping ship left and right.

They’ll smile to his face, shower him with fake praise, and then sneak off to plot his downfall behind his back. Trudeau is surrounded by two-faced schemers like Freeland, just waiting for their moment to strike. Her betrayal moment has officially arrived.

The fact that Freeland hosted secret meetings at her own home to conspire against Trudeau shows that the gloves are off. It’s open season for backroom coups now. Other former allies are probably sharpening their knives, ready to stab him in the back too.

When pressed on the issue, after it became clear to Canadians that even Liberal MPs want Trudeau gone, Freeland gave a lackluster response, stating, “I offered my backyard because it’s in a central location. I think it was a valuable opportunity to talk about the results of the byelection… The people of Toronto-St. Paul’s did send us a message. And it is absolutely incumbent on us to hear that message.”

Trudeau’s Days Numbered

Trudeau seems to have realized just how much the internal opposition against him has spread. In a move that screams defiance, he is refusing to hold an in-person caucus meeting, despite nine of his own MPs demanding one to address the growing unrest.

And when asked why he won’t meet with the national caucus or step down despite everyone calling for it, he just kept yapping about how democracy is at stake.

He is just clinging to power as everything around him crumbles. With polls tanking and support vanishing from both the public and Parliament, his grip on leadership is looking weaker by the day. 

The by-election fiasco that led to Freeland’s secret backyard gathering shows just how fed up people are with Trudeau. Losing one of their safest seats under his leadership has pushed Liberal MPs to the edge.

As one anonymous Liberal MP accurately put it, “The prime minister’s leadership is damaged beyond repair at this point and the population just doesn’t have time for him anymore.”

Even though Freeland claims Trudeau still has majority support, the fact that she hosted a secret meeting says otherwise. Her role in organizing this shows that the party is now split into pro and anti-Trudeau factions.

In a desperate attempt to redeem herself after her plot to oust Trudeau was exposed, Freeland had to say, “The Prime Minister has my full support. I know he has the full support of the cabinet. And I know he has the full support of the vast, vast majority of Liberal MPs.”

While Freeland claims to still support Trudeau in public, her actions tell a different story. Hosting a backyard meeting to plot his downfall says more than any fake praise she might offer in front of the cameras.

Her sneaky move to backstab Trudeau on her own property shows just how little loyalty means in his crumbling government and how fed up they are with Trudeau.

When asked why she should keep her finance job despite the Liberals’ failings, Freeland dodged the question, saying it’s up to Trudeau – the same guy she is scheming against behind closed doors.

Her past assurances of support for Trudeau were clearly just for show. No amount of pretending can hide her true intentions now that she’s been caught plotting in her own backyard.

This shocking betrayal shows that Trudeau’s biggest threat isn’t just from outside but from within his own circle. Freeland’s secret backyard meeting makes it clear that the old guard of the Liberal party is gearing up to push Trudeau out.

They’re ready to take him down, even as he desperately tries to hold on to his power. But it’s obvious from Freeland’s backyard gathering – Trudeau’s time leading the Liberals is coming to an end.

He’s now faced with a tough choice: step down gracefully before an inevitable coup or be publicly ousted by the very people who were supposed to have his back. Chances are, Trudeau won’t take the dignified route.

The knives are out, and Trudeau’s back is exposed to his plotting colleagues.

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