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Democrats in Panic as Biden Sinks Camp After Debate Disaster


Biden Debate Disaster Sinks Campaign

A new disaster has blown up Joe Biden’s already sinking campaign after his humiliating debate flop. Terrified Democrats now see Biden as an “inescapable drag” and are scrambling to ditch him.

But while some are calling for Joe to bow out gracefully, reports are coming in that his greedy son Hunter is manipulating him to stubbornly cling to power.

Apparently, Hunter thinks dragging his confused dad over the finish line will make the White House ripe for pillaging, just like he did during Joe’s Vice Presidency. So much for putting America first.

With Joe barely able to string two sentences together, most Americans now see he clearly lacks the fitness to lead. But the self-serving Hunter wants Biden to keep embarrassing himself in this pathetic spectacle of exploitation.

While panicked Democrats urge Biden to quit, his inner circle still thinks propping up this hollow shell of a candidate is worth it. Their breathtaking selfishness is hurting America as Biden stumbles on like a real-life “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

Hunter Manipulating Biden

A new bombshell has detonated under the crumbling Biden campaign as panicked Democrats distance themselves following Joe’s catastrophic debate face-plant. Even worse, reports emerge that son Hunter is one of the “strongest voices” manipulating the doddering Biden to cling to power.

Terrified down-ballot Democrats are now scrambling to avoid the toxic Biden like the plague after his humiliating debate raised grave concerns over Joe’s basic cognitive fitness. One anonymous Democrat told Axios that “frantic efforts” would be made to prevent Biden from dragging them down in competitive races.

According to the report, multiple Democrats feared Biden’s accelerating unpopularity would become “an inescapable drag” on their own prospects. One petrified House Democrat declared “I don’t ever want to see him here” in their district. 

Joe’s spectacular debate implosion has congressional Dems freaking out that Biden’s visible decline could expand Trump’s electoral map at their expense. But while Biden may be bumbling his way to a crushing defeat, his inner circle bizarrely thinks propping up the hollowed-out shell of a candidate is still worth it.

In a sinister development, sources reveal that Hunter Biden has become one of the “strongest voices” pressuring his father to stay in the race despite Joe’s obvious inability to withstand the scrutiny of public leadership.

Apparently Hunter believes that if he can just drag his disoriented dad over the finish line, then the presidency would be his to pillage just like he did with Joe’s Vice Presidency.

After watching Joe embarrass himself on the debate stage, most Americans came away gravely concerned that Biden lacks the mental fitness required of a commander in chief. But greedy Hunter apparently thinks preserving his family’s access to power warrants deluding a declining Joe into making a pathetic spectacle of himself before the whole world.

While panicked donors, officials and voters urged Biden to step aside after his painful implosion, Hunter insisted Biden keep humiliating himself in pursuit of victory. And the Biden family’s self-serving enablement of Joe’s deterioration continues.

Rather than putting the country before their own interests, the Bidens seem intent on propping up their doddering patriarch no matter how much of an international laughing stock it makes America. Their breathtaking selfishness is harming the country.

Of course Hunter is resisting calls for Joe to bow out gracefully – it would cut off the spigot of shady payments flowing to the Biden clan from foreign oligarchs. Hey, fleecing America is a family business!

With Democrats sprinting away from the Biden albatross as fast as they can, team Biden is pathetically spinning that Joe’s position in battleground states hasn’t changed. But voters know what their eyes reveal – Biden is on an accelerating cognitive decline.

With Democratic enthusiasm collapsing, team Biden has fallen back on soliciting pity and lowering expectations rather than demand Joe demonstrate basic competence befitting the world’s most powerful position.

They portray Biden as a victim of his advanced age who deserves sympathy and special treatment rather than a doddering liability one heartbeat away from the nuclear codes. 

But voters expect a strong president who can lead under pressure, not a Mr. Magoo figurehead propped up by handlers while his shady son pulls the strings. The Biden debacle reeks of elder abuse.

Of course we can’t forget Barack Obama’s key role enabling this whole disgrace by pushing Biden as nominee when he clearly lacked the vigor and sharpness for the presidency.

Obama made a cynical political calculation rather than putting America’s interests first. Selling out the country to drag your broken-down ex-Veep over the finish line may be coldly shrewd, but it’s also a disgrace.

Obama knew Biden was deteriorating fast, yet gave thumbs up for America’s enemies to face a cognitively impaired president rather than risking a progressive policy defeat. Talk about America Last priorities!

But now Obama’s self-serving ploy has backfired spectacularly, saddling Democrats with a meltdown-prone presidential nominee who can’t string two sentences together without forgetting where he is.

Rather than demand basic competence, Obama and Democrats patronizingly insist occasional catastrophic debates are just something that happens while running for president at an extremely advanced age. Obama and former President Bill Clinton bluntly stated that “bad debate nights happen.”

Obama and the Democrats set the bar low for Biden right from the start. They basically rigged the game for a guy who clearly wasn’t up to it – no point acting like competence matters now.

Pelosi Peddles Absurd Trump Dementia Claims

Meanwhile, Team Biden’s fallback is trying to compare his obvious mental decline to Trump’s bold speaking style. But come on, Americans aren’t buying that weak spin. They see Trump, all energetic and sharp, while Biden is running on empty.

Watching Trump confidently outmaneuver a baffled Biden just makes the Democrats claims about who’s sharper and more capable look like a joke.

Democrats are pathetically trying to deflect from Biden’s obvious cognitive decline by launching wild claims that Trump has dementia. This reeks of desperation after their feeble puppet was exposed on the debate stage.

The failing Biden camp has fallen back on trying to falsely equate Biden’s clear deterioration with Trump’s energetic, forceful speaking style. But Americans aren’t buying it.

Unbelievable as it sounds, Nancy Pelosi is actually suggesting with a straight face that it’s Trump who has dementia, not the guy who clearly has no clue where he is half the time. Her laughable accusations totally ring hollow.

Pelosi citing unspecified “healthcare professionals” to claim Trump has dementia exposes the Democrats’ disinformation scam. If Biden displayed a fraction of Trump’s mental sharpness, they wouldn’t need these outlandish distractions.

They want us to ignore the obvious signs of Biden’s decline. But their attacks on Trump’s strong debate performance just show how desperate they are.

Pelosi’s off-the-wall claims make the Dems seem totally out of touch. Trump clearly outshone Biden in every way during this debate. Their weak excuses only highlight Biden’s shortcomings.

The more they try to blame Trump for Biden’s failings, the more it shows they’re trying to cover up for a guy who’s clearly not up for the job anymore. They’re insulting our intelligence with this spin.

This race isn’t about who sounds more presidential — it’s about basic competence versus incapacity. And on that front, Biden has failed big time in front of everyone. The guy in the suit? It’s clear he’s not all there.

Biden’s team probably wishes they could tweak the debate format to hide his weaknesses, but in reality, a president’s gotta think quick and handle pressure without crumbling. You can’t keep pampering him forever.

Americans deserve a leader who’s real — not some puppet who needs to be handled with kid gloves. Letting Biden pretend he’s up for the job while his son pulls strings behind the scenes? It’s a sad joke that insults voters.

It seems like Team Biden’s just trying to drag his presidency over the finish line, like a scene from “Weekend at Bernie’s,” just to keep their party in charge. But Americans aren’t enjoying seeing Biden struggle onstage to satisfy Democrat big shots’ greed and ego trips.

This whole mess just shows how far Democrats will go to keep their grip on power, even if it means embarrassing their own leaders and making America a laughingstock. After that cringe-worthy Biden show, their messed-up priorities are totally clear.

America needs a strong president who can handle the job, and Biden just isn’t cutting it. What we saw on that debate stage was a confused guy who can’t lead us through tough times or stand up to our enemies.

After that embarrassing performance, it’s clear Biden should step aside for his own sake. And for America’s sake, we need to ditch Biden and the whole corrupt party that’s propping him up. They’ve shown they care more about power than the country’s well-being.

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