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CNN is Schooled by Trump for Censorship


Bias in Media

In a desperate effort to silence conservatives, CNN host Kasie Hunt abruptly cut off Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt for daring to expose the network’s biassed debate moderators.

Hunt couldn’t handle even mild criticism of her Trump-hating colleagues Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. So she threw a hissy fit and kicked Leavitt off the air, confirming CNN is a propaganda arm of the Democrats.

But the Trump camp was not silent for long as they lambasted CNN to hell and back and exposed their bias for the whole world to see.

Trump is walking into an ambush – and he wouldn’t have it any other way. The president is primed to strike back against corruption and prove this movement can’t be silenced.

CNN Host Throws Shade

The Democrats and the Biden supporters are once again showing their true colours through their usage of media platforms and how they pick and choose when and how to stop a thoughtful conversation or a debate with conservative speakers or representatives.

To see this in full effect, look no further than the recent events that took place on a CNN network program hosted by none other than Kasie Hunt a staunch democrat and one of the biggest Trump haters in existence – although calling a democrat a Trump hater is like calling water wet, it is something that people have realised a long time ago as a fact.

What basically happened on CNN was that Kasie Hunt was interviewing Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt and she started by asking a very condescending question; throwing the very first stone and talking about Trump getting on the stage with Biden in 2020 with the same confidence he has for the 2024 debate, only for him to lose that election, so what could he possibly do any differently against biden?

I don’t need to tell you how insane of an angle it is to start your interview by stating how trump failed the first time just to see the opposition maybe squirming to find a proper answer. Only this time, Karoline Leavitt came prepared with a foolproof answer, stating how Trump is taking this very seriously and not missing a step when it comes to his campaign and his messaging.

Trump is fighting for the betterment of the American people and the patriotic American people recognize the man that he is and are willing to stand with him all the way to his re-election and reinstatement into the oval office.

But before she could finish her answer fully she responded back to the shade thrown her way from Kasie Hunt’s comments and bluntly hit the CNN anchor with the facts of the matter, and it is that the moderators for this debate, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, are biassed Democrats that are working in favour of biden and against Donald Trump.

CNN Host Cut Off Trump Spokeswoman

Now, do you perhaps want to take a wild guess on what Katie Hunt said, and how she responded by this equal level of snide thrown towards her? If you answered and said a complete meltdown, then you got it absolutely right here.

Katie Hunt started fidgeting in her seat and for some reason took great personal offence from Karoline Leavitt’s justified comments and rightful pushback against the narrative that CNN moderators are unbiased and will give trump and biden equal time on the stage.

Then she tried to quickly and desperately divert the conversation back to her first question about Biden and Trump prepping for the debate but the damage was already done, and although Karoline Leavitt was ready to answer her question directly, she also couldn’t let more shade slip away uncontested.

And because of that, Karoline started pushing back once again and revealing the truth about the moderators and how they have lambasted and criticised Trump by likening him to Hitler and other fascist personalities on more than one occasion. Seems justifiable to call out in my opinion.

But Katie Hunt had something else to say on the matter, because she found the perfect opportunity to kick someone from Trump camp on air and she utilised it to her full extent; threatening Karoline for the smallest of slights and then kicking her off the air for daring to breathe after the warning.

Completely normal and sane Democrat behaviour we have right here folks. There is definitely no desperation or panic in the Biden camp to the point of evading any debate or confrontation with the Trump camp.

Trump Camp Responds

Now obviously, the Trump camp responded as strongly and as directly as they could.

According to the Trump campaign, the former president is still willing to endure CNN’s biassed forum to bring his message directly to voters. As Leavitt said, it will essentially be a “3-1 fight” with the moderators siding with Biden, but he is willing to stand his ground for the American people.

The Trump camp also noted that Biden demanded special accommodations for the debate that revealed his weakness. While Trump fought for the candidates to stand, Biden’s team lobbied to be seated.

And all this debacle has gotten under most mainstream media’s skin to the point where we have “the View” hosts making excuses and saying if you ever go off topic in an interview you should be cut.

Or get this, we live in a world with no fairness anyway so why should we extend fairness to the other side when we could value our truth.

What a way for the Democrats to show us all their true colours and make the choice for patriotic Americans much easier in the elections. Let us see how they scramble out of this one.

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