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Biden Under Fire As Oversight Immigration Power Grab Wars Rage


White House Vs Congress: The Clash for Power

The political rollercoaster is picking up speed as Biden and Congress barrel headfirst into confrontation. The White House is taking a battering over classified docs as Biden plays defense. 

Now with subpoena powers, House Republicans are ramping up oversight and charging hard at Garland. Disturbing trends of imperial presidency and partisan escalation have set the stage for a constitutional pile-up. 

Gloves are off and tensions are growing as Dems and GOP accelerate their collision course. But patriots like Rep. Luna aim to hit the brakes by reviving checks on runaway executive power. 

Who will emerge from the wreckage? Stay tuned as the branches of government dangerously spin out of control in a struggle for power and accountability. 

The very foundations of the democracy could be smashed to pieces unless someone can right this careening vehicle hurtling pell-mell down the tracks. This is the time for damage control before it’s too late.

Biden Faces Lawsuit Over Controversial Immigration Crackdown

Once again, the Biden administration is overreaching its executive authority and disregarding the rule of law with its reckless changes to asylum policy. But the ACLU challenged Biden’s unilateral moves on immigration by a lawsuit as absolutely warranted. 

This administration seems to believe it can override Congress and remake policies on a whim.

Biden’s order blatantly prevents asylum seekers from exercising their legal right to request protection, undermining foundational principles of fairness and justice. It establishes arbitrary thresholds for asylum claims that will surely be abused by bureaucrats. 

This astonishing executive overreach treats the cherished asylum laws like playthings to be modified whenever politically expedient.

Of course, the partisan Democrats in Congress will avoid seriously criticizing Biden’s authoritarian behavior. Their deafening silence reveals blatant hypocrisy compared to their hair-on-fire rhetoric whenever former President Trump flexed executive power. It seems executive overreach is only troublesome when the other party occupies the White House.

Biden once again revealed his progressive disregard for the rule of law with this immigration order. The administration failed to provide required notice or opportunity for public feedback before implementing sweeping changes. But meaningful public consultation matters little to an imperial presidency intent on ramming through controversial policies by decree.

Legal experts have warned that Biden’s asylum restrictions likely violate federal law. But this administration plows ahead based on some misguided perception of unlimited executive authority. The courts must now remind Biden that a system of checks and balances exists to thwart such overreach. No president should be able to unilaterally bar asylum requests.

“We were left with no alternative but to sue,” Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, said in a statement. 

Biden’s crackdown effectively slams the door shut on vulnerable migrants fleeing violence and persecution. It undermines America’s proud history as a beacon of hope for the oppressed. This nation has a moral duty to protect the persecuted, not arbitrarily deny them due process through executive fiat. Biden’s callous approach violates human decency.

With illegal border crossings near historic highs, Biden’s solution is to punish asylum seekers rather than fix the real problems. His administration has failed to effectively enforce laws, secure the border, or deter unlawful migration. Now Biden aims to use asylum seekers as political

pawns to create the illusion of a tougher stance. But this cynical ploy fails on both legal and moral grounds.

“Anti-asylum policies are cruel, ineffective, and unlawfully undermine the fundamental right to seek asylum in the United States,” Arthur Spitzer, senior counsel of the ACLU of the District of Columbia, charged in a statement.

Biden owes the public a detailed justification for this authoritarian overreach given his administration previously opposed similar asylum restrictions under Trump. 

But such a thoughtful explanation seems unlikely from a president prone to govern by reflexive executive action rather than through consensus-driven policymaking. This builds a dangerous precedent of unchecked presidential power.

Congress must reassert its constitutional authority on immigration matters. Already some Democrats are expressing concern over Biden’s overreach. More lawmakers need to find their backbone and stand up to this imperial presidency before the damage to the institutions becomes irreparable.

Biden’s immigration crackdown exposes the dangerous trend of growing executive power undermining the rule of law. If left unchecked by the courts or Congress, this president’s authoritarian instincts will inflict lasting damage to the asylum system and constitutional order. 

Partisan Escalation And The Looming Constitutional Crisis

Meanwhile, the partisan weaponization of congressional oversight has reached new heights with the House Republicans’ reckless vote to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt. 

This irresponsible escalation makes a mockery of the solemn contempt process purely to score political points against Biden’s document fiasco. It represents an alarming new law that threatens lasting damage to the institutional comity essential for democratic governance.

Rather than pursue good faith oversight, House Republicans seem intent on holding Biden accountable for inflaming tensions and dividing Americans through his careless handling of classified information. Their justification for this unprecedented contempt vote is completely warranted given Biden’s resistance to transparency.

The Department of Justice provided only partial transcripts of Biden’s interviews about the mishandling of classified records. Yet Biden and Garland have failed to sufficiently demonstrate why the full audio tapes should be shielded from scrutiny.

This feels like a desperate coverup by Biden to prevent further embarrassing clips from coming to light. The audio tapes likely contain additional incriminating information beyond the sanitized transcripts selectively disclosed. Forcing this contempt vote is justified given Biden’s resistance to fully come clean. 

Of course, Attorney General Garland is improperly resisting participating in legitimate oversight. No Cabinet official should obstruct Congress to provide political cover for a president’s misconduct.

Garland’s commitment to defending Biden’s resistance to accountability is reprehensible and unethical. He should not enable Biden’s transparent stonewalling by validating this irresponsible contempt for transparency and oversight. 

House Republicans are absolutely correct to call out Biden’s contempt for transparency as a reckless cover up. With their probe revealing Biden’s mishandling of classified information, the White House desperately needed continued secrecy for political gain.

Painting Garland as uncooperative provides a handy distraction from Biden’s misconduct. This is about preventing further damage rather than cooperating with substantive nonpartisan oversight. 

The weaponization of secrecy and obstruction of justice sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the essential system of checks and balances. Congress has a solemn constitutional duty to investigate executive branch misconduct rather than enable political advantage.

This contempt vote upholds oversight against Biden’s denigration of transparency into just another partisan battle. It defends essential checks on executive power wrongly used for political gain.

Biden Stonewalls Congress, Showdown Over Classified Docs Deepens

All those who care about accountability should applaud this effort to resist Biden’s escalating abuses of power. It upholds the public’s faith in oversight to reveal misconduct by the powerful. If left unchecked, Biden’s secrecy may do lasting damage to the balance of power necessary for democracy.

And Rep. Anna Paulina Luna’s threat to enforce inherent contempt takes congressional authority to its rightful extreme as a valid constitutional option. For too long Congress has allowed the executive branch to brazenly ignore oversight subpoenas. 

Thankfully, Luna is willing to reconsider inherent contempt as the bold remedy it was intended to be by the Founders. Her rhetoric signifies a righteous desire to restore the balance of power rather than partisan grandstanding.

Utilizing inherent contempt offers essential leverage to force compliance from officials who believe they can operate above the law. No government branch should be able to ignore legislative oversight with impunity. 

“As of right now, we fully intend to bring it,” Luna revealed. “I don’t really have much faith in the Department of Justice. And I don’t think the American people do either. But we are trying to bring back a level playing field and show that, you know, there should be accountability all the way up to the top.”

Luna understands inherent contempt not as a relic but as a vital check on executive overreach. Her vision promises to reinvigorate oversight powers that have eroded from congressional neglect.

In sum, this contempt vote sadly fits a pattern of escalating partisan overreach between Congress and the executive branch that risks lasting harm to the institutions. Both parties must reflect on how such short-sighted behavior breeds dysfunction. 

The solution lies in conducting oversight with wisdom and restraint. All patriots should hope for a return to governance that respects the rightful authority of each branch, as Luna aims to restore. Her bold stance against partisan theater promises to revive oversight as the Founders intended.

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