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Biden Under Fire After Alarming Lapses In Recent Interviews


White House Sidesteps Transparency

Biden faces something strange afoot in White House. Signs subtly whisper of a deeper affliction besetting the president’s once-keen mind. Biden’s befuddling debate incoherence. His memory’s peculiar faltering when recalling key details. 

The widening veil of secrecy enveloping his schedule and health. Yet still they deny anything is amiss while anxiously deflecting valid scrutiny. But brave voices sound the alarm, unafraid of consequence. Grave warnings come from those who know Biden best, including one former inner family member. Their universal assessment – something is terribly wrong.

Whispers crescendo into a deafening buzz as our republic confronts its most harrowing crisis yet. Has America unwittingly anointed a king with no clothes, a shadow puppet mouthing others’ words while peril encircles the throne? 

Are sinister forces exploiting the commander-in-chief’s decline to usurp power without mandate? Dread gnaws at citizens’ hearts, throbbing with terror’s anticipation. For if the unthinkable affliction has indeed befallen our highest leader, how long can pretense forestall America’s imminent plunge into darkness? 

Biden Denies Mental Lapses But Concerns Persist On Sharpness

First Lady Jill Biden’s ex-husband Bill Stevenson has raised alarms about the president’s state of mind, declaring Biden should be admitted for testing and that he “has deeper issues.” 

This stark assessment from someone familiar with the Biden family adds bipartisan credibility to the chorus of voices urging the White House to honestly address growing worries over Joe Biden’s cognitive fitness. 

With supporters and detractors alike voicing urgent concerns, the onus is on Biden to either authoritatively dispel doubts over his faculties or step aside for the good of the nation.

Biden’s rambling interview with ABC raises grave doubts about his fitness for office. From incoherent tangents to confused recollections, his performance offered little reassurance amid growing worries over cognitive decline. 

This latest evidence compounds fears that Biden lacks capacity to meet the intense demands of the presidency. 

With nuclear brinkmanship intensifying globally, America needs decisive leadership. Yet Biden demonstrated an inability to clearly communicate complex threats, rehashing muddled talking points when clarity and strategic thinking are paramount. 

His wide-ranging excuses for past blunders also betray a fundamental lack of accountability worrisome in a commander-in-chief.

Moreover, Biden’s irritability at basic questioning reveals an ego unable to tolerate scrutiny expected of our highest public servant. Defensiveness is unbecoming when citizens deserve honest explanations on issues central to national security and prosperity. Overall, the interview painted a portrait of struggling with core competencies.

“I wish he would have the cognitive test,” Bill Stevenson added. “Watching…it was clear Joe Biden has deeper issues,” Stevenson added. “He was very defensive.”

This compounds frustrations over an absentee largely shielded by handlers. If Biden cannot independently handle interviews.

How can citizens expect him to master policy intricacies, synthesize intelligence analyses, or react wisely in crises? The White House’s cone of silence around Biden projects weakness, not strength. 

Biden’s repeated excuses that he simply had “a bad night” during his chaotic first debate with Donald Trump do not reassure those questioning his fitness for office. The presidency requires clear thinking under intense pressure at all times, not just when well-rested. 

Moreover, blithely dismissing his troubling debate performance as merely an off night suggests a lack of accountability worrisome in a president. The debate raised valid concerns over Biden’s mental acuity and temperament reacting under stress. 

Yet he brushes it all away as trivial, while refusing to disclose detailed health records or take a cognitive assessment. This defiance breeds deeper doubts rather than soothing them.

Biden’s admission he was too exhausted to comprehend basic questions or articulate coherent arguments makes one wonder how he gets through high-pressure days with national security hanging in the balance. 

Does he rely on staffers to prop him up behind the scenes? Do handlers severely limit his schedule and filter briefings to accommodate his fragility? The implications are frightening if true. 

Overall, Biden’s casual non-explanations fail to explain anything at all, while his continued opacity sows distrust. If he desires to lead America through perilous times, he must confront concerns head-on with transparency, not weary excuses. 

Yet he responds with blithe dismissiveness, as if applying his full faculties to such national moments is optional. In democracies, leaders must validate the popular trust regularly. They guide solely at the people’s discretion. 

But Biden seemingly repudiates this solemn compact, preferring the people take his vigor on faith rather than backing words with substantive demonstrations. Such hubris does not inspire confidence.

With challenges mounting, America requires robust, visionary leadership. But Biden’s performance offered little assurance he can provide this. Biden  appeared captive to progressive handlers dictating his every move. This spells disaster if true, with an ostensibly independent Biden in truth beholden to extremist elements. 

The administration’s radical lurch leftward despite Biden’s centrist campaign pledges lends credence to suspicions he fronts an unauthorized policy coup by proxies seeking to impose their agenda by subterfuge. If Biden cannot autonomously make decisions, our democratic consent was breached through Trojan Horse deception.

Jill Biden’s refusal to address reasonable concerns over her husband’s condition demonstrates callous disregard for the American people’s right to know the president’s state of mind. Her priority appears protecting personal power, not serving the nation honorably. The Biden family’s opacity and defensiveness continue eroding public trust in Joe Biden’s competence.

With adversaries probing for weakness, America needs Joe Biden to fully demonstrate command of his formidable responsibilities. Either Biden can lead vigorously and transparently, or for the nation’s sake, he should step aside for leaders up to today’s monumental challenges. America’s future hinges on clear-eyed governance, not clinging to power for its own sake when capability is compromised.

A president owes the public true accountability, not excuses or evasions. Half-measures like scripted events avoiding press questions no longer suffice to allay legitimate worries. 

If Biden’s faculties are indeed intact, releasing full medical records and taking a cognitive test would provide needed reassurance. Absent transparency, uncertainty festers dangerously.

Overall the ABC interview crystallized concerns over Joe Biden’s ability to successfully navigate intensifying threats. With stakes sky-high, America deserves capable leadership beyond reproach. The longer Biden delays providing proof of unimpaired faculties, the louder calls for accountability will grow. 

The presidency is not a partisan plaything, but a sacred public trust requiring vigilant stewardship. By either publicly demonstrating his undiminished capabilities, or stepping aside with honor, Biden can yet secure his legacy. But continued obfuscation imperils us all. The people await Joe Biden’s decision.

Scaramucci Predicts Harris Will Replace “Mentally Declining” Biden

Meanwhile, Anthony Scaramucci’s blunt admission that Biden lacks the vigor to continue serving raises grave doubts about the White House’s claims of the Biden’s fitness. As a Democratic supporter, Scaramucci cannot be dismissed as a partisan detractor. 

His remarkably candid comments underscore growing worries that Biden has sadly declined beyond the capacity to govern effectively. 

Scaramucci’s prediction that Harris will replace Biden reflects assessments that Biden lacks the stamina for reelection, despite the White House’s insistence otherwise. Privately, many Democrats likely agree pressing forward with Biden courts disaster, both politically and practically once in office. 

Yet Harris appears unprepared for the burdens of the presidency, raising concerns about the party’s leadership pipeline. This leaves Democrats without an obvious successor capable of steering the nation through brewing crises.

Biden’s quip about the widening age gap with Jill reveals his own recognition of diminishing vigor, even as handlers prop him up publicly. This cognitive dissonance must weigh profoundly on Biden.

While Scaramucci’s sympathy for Biden’s plight is understandable, sentiment cannot obscure Biden’s apparent deficiencies meeting threats confronting America. The presidency requires leaders in full command of faculties, not figureheads prone to lapses while staff direct policy.

By reasonable assessments, Biden should put country first and announce he won’t seek reelection. However, a lifelong politician’s resistance to such self-sacrifice keeps an old man past his prime in power. 

The White House’s failure to address Biden’s limitations indulges political vanity over the nation’s interests. Until Biden acknowledges reality, Democrats must press the issue despite intraparty turmoil, for America’s sake.

Biden should reflect on his sacred duty and find wisdom to let go if his abilities have faltered. Selfless leadership now would cement his legacy. We can only hope wisdom guides him before crisis forces the issue.

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