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Biden to be replaced with Kamala Harris After Awful Debate


Panic And Desperation

The walls are closing in on Biden after his disastrous debate performance – and Democrats are panicking.

Their great savior now looks like a frail, confused relic of the past, barely able to string a coherent sentence together. Sensing impending electoral disaster, Democrats have suddenly thrust a scorned Kamala Harris into the spotlight in a desperate last-ditch attempt.

Democrats are even testing the waters to gauge support for pulling off a full presidential ticket switcheroo.

But here’s a reality check for the panicked Democrats – swapping one politically incompetent and unpopular leader for another will do nothing to reverse your crashing poll numbers.

Her failure is guaranteed, accelerating the Democrats’ demise. Trump is coming, and no last-minute switcheroo can stop the inevitable.

Biden Proves He is Not Worth it

Picture this, you are currently the establishment party in the United States’ political scene. You have it all and your representation puts your most ardent conservative opposition on the losing side of history. Then, you have 4 years to prove you are worth every dime the patriotic people of America threw at you, while also terrorising your republican opponent and trying to scheme to throw him in a maximum security jail.

But your opponent keeps coming back stronger and more beloved than the first time, and in the midst of all th conspiracies and the chaos you are trying to hurl at him you find yourself in the middle of a debate with this very same man where he schools you and mocks all your “woke” ideas and nonexistent achievements. While your candidate and the president of the United States of America is struggling to even slur his words in a semi coherent form.

Do you keep moving forward with that tired and wrinkly individual at the helm? Or do you try to steer away and veer into a different direction before it is too late? As much as the Democrats are known for being absolute dumbasses, they couldn’t help but start looking in an enticing manner at the second option.

Biden is Going to Be Replaced

Vice President Kamala Harris – the person that was nearly exiled as early as March, and was told to step aside for the good of the country by the Democratic party – has now started playing a more prominent role in the Biden campaign as the midterms approach.

Yeah, you heard it right. Biden’s performance was so abysmal and dire in the first ever presidential debate for this presidential election season, that the democrats are considering Kamala Harris as an actual viable option.

An option that is somehow supported by both Democratic experts, donors, and even a sizable portion of the Democratic voter base. She is doing better in polls and the party is allowing her more media appearances and a more extensive presence among her Democratic peers.

Keep in mind that this was not even a realistic option as early as March, but Biden’s performance has the Democratic party and its wider circle of influence including strategists and large political donors being completely anxious and shaking about the future of the political party in the senate and in the polls.

And who could really fault them? When the first ever debate has Biden starting off by speaking incoherently and slurring his words to try to answer a very simple question about the economy and the debt that he and his crooked Democrats worked hard to increase the burden of on the American people, just for him to end the sentence with a completely different idea out of nowhere.

Inevitable End

If the Debate was not full of moments where Biden was clearly resetting his brain and his bodily functions over and over again like a faulty machine that will never work right, then it was sprinkled with ad hominems, personal insults, and a bunch of statements from Biden with no objective basis in facts.

So tell me how could you possibly see this type of performance form a representation of your own political party and not lose hope about any kind of resurgence?
The democrats certainly did not hold back on the criticism and the concern hurled towards Biden and his campaign team.

The Biden performance was so dismal and catastrophic that almost everyone in the party no matter their role had to make their opinions known, that they were not in favour of Biden’s performance and that they thought it did more harm to their chances in the presidential elections than any scandal could ever do.

Streategists, experts, donors, and every Democratic official were panicked and at a loss for words after the debate with Donald Trump.

Even Biden’s closest friends and allies – someone who is currently working with him and trying to aid him – couldn’t bring himself to lie about Biden’s performance and bluntly stated that it was more painful than it is sad.

It is a theme that we have seen the Democrats and their supporters display even before the debate could get a chance to air.

And now we know why they thought it would be painful to see Biden in this position, because they now have no other choice than to back Kamala Harris and try to get Biden to step down.

Whether that will work for them or not is normally anyone’s guess. But call me a seer if I dare speak some of the obvious truth, Trump is on a roll and nothing can possibly stump his hype, and especially not a rejected candidate like Kamala Harris.

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