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Biden Team Declares All Biden “Senile” Clips a Fake


Crying and Whining about Nothing

The White House spin machine whirs into overdrive as revelation after revelation emerges of Biden’s faltering fitness for office. The latest pathetic ploy? Crying “cheap fake” over undoctored videos capturing Biden and his bewildering mental lapses.

With the president clearly declining before our eyes, his handlers scramble to suppress growing concerns through a propaganda smokescreen.

But America isn’t buying the gaslighting. We see Biden shuffling vacant-eyed through events, assisted by anxious aides. We see him halt mid-sentence, lost in confusion. The disturbing clips increase by the day, despite the administration’s shrill denials.

Yet a dutiful media rushes to parrot White House talking points, bleating that worrisome footage is manipulated or lacking “context.” Don’t believe your lying eyes, they lecture us condescendingly.

The feeble, flailing Biden regime banks on illusion and coercion, not inspiration and trust.

Biden Administration in Full Propaganda Mode

The Biden administration is working overtime lately to cover up the latest Biden’s missteps – or lack thereof if we are being really pedantic here.

The latest White House sleazy scheme is to cover up the fact that Biden is a senile old man that is currently – and for the foreseeable future – unfit for any duty pertaining to running this great nation from the ultimate position of power.

Take the recent video of Joe Biden at a fundraiser that has spawned accusations he’s mentally unfit. The full footage shows Biden simply pausing to soak in the adoring cheers, then getting led off stage by Obama. Was that necessary by the former president? Not really no, and that’s why it is extremely suspicious.

There are countless other instances where Biden is clearly and visibly struggling to do the most basic human functions you could possibly think of off the top of your head. Standing? Hilariously failed at it; Sitting? Biden easily sleeps as soon as he is not in any kind of motion; Walking? Stumbles his way like he is an actual zombie; paying attention at the very least? If he is not sleeping then his mind is wandering in other places.

And all these instances have been caught on Camera time and time again to prove once and for all that Biden is senile old man clinging to a position he does not deserve and is not fit for all at all.

But leave it to the White House and the Biden administration to work overtime to declare that all of these videos are somehow deep fakes and are part of a larger right wing propaganda machine to spread misinformation across the United States and its citizens to twist their minds on who to actually vote for.

Biden Team is Working Overtime

The white house speaker Karine Jean-Pierre thinks the republicans are fighting hard day and night to craft a narrative that doesn’t need any crafting or boosting when people can just open their eyes and see the stumbling old man running the show. Which is a rich sentiment coming from the same individual that is now part of the team that is trying their hardest to cover for their dear president by lying to everyone else.

Is it really disinformation and republican propaganda if it is not twisting the truth and showcasing the side of Biden that the Democrats don’t want you to see or acknowledge? Is it really the conservatives’ fault that the Democrats are hinging their whole political reputation and the chance to regain power over an old man with one foot in the grave?

The answer is obviously not. But Karine Jean-Pierre thinks otherwise as she doubles down on her deep fake sentiments and accusations towards what she deems as harmful republican actors running a misinformation campaign against Biden.

Karine Jean-Pierre dubbed these so-called edits cheap fakes, because they are neither deep fakes nor are they highly edited so the Democrats have to conjure up a new and never before seen term to justify their misplaced panic.

The Media in Full Panic Mode

And panic it truly is with almost every left leaning media conglomerate running the story and supporting the term “cheap fakes” to attack a non-existent movement to target Biden and his senile actions.

A media chorus echoes the White House spin, assuring us there’s nothing to see here. This patronising posture insults voters’ intelligence. Most Americans trust their own eyes over what partisan “fact-checkers” dictate they should believe.

The term “cheap fake” itself aims to discredit dissent. Supposedly these are videos deceptively trimmed to smear poor Joe. But even unedited clips raise concerns that pundits and the wider mainstream media dismiss as right-wing propaganda without even a second thought.

The media likes to say that all these videos are isolating awkward moments to create and attune to a wider false narrative about Biden’s mental and physical health. But tell if I am wrong, isn’t this exactly what the mainstream media does to Trump? They splice clips and audio to paint a picture of him being as incompetent and as unaware as their president Biden. It seems like a whole lot of projection happening here to me.

Moreover, some of these clips are short and without the full context for fear of the safety of the regular unassuming viewer. I mean we wouldn’t want anyone viewing the clips to fall asleep mid through just like Biden now do we.

It is pretty clear that the media is latching onto any and every conspiracy theory because they themselves are panicked about Biden doing badly when it comes time for the showdown with Trump.

They have been going at like this ever since Hunter Biden was convicted and the republicans were proven right once again. Makes you think what else we are totally right about when it comes to Biden and his crooked Democrats.

Oh but don’t mind any form of corruption or crookedness coming from Biden’s camp, I mean De Niro said Trump was the source of all evil so of course we would believe him over any conservative think tank.

It is all a bunch of bullshit peddled down by the Elite Democrats in order to feed the narrative that Biden is fit for duty while Trump is a criminal through and through. But patriots see through the veneer and we are ready to voice our opinions come November.

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