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Biden Rigging System to Allow Illegals to Stay


Biden Busted on Secret Plot

An explosive new report just detonated Biden ‘s secret plot to stop deportations dead in their tracks. 

This bombshell from Congress blows the lid off Biden’s slick schemes helping illegal aliens evade removal through innocuous sounding “social services” programs.

Two Orwellian initiatives – YACMP and CMPP – provide deportation immunity behind the smokescreen of connecting migrants to handouts like Medicaid and food stamps.

But it’s all a devious Trojan Horse to embed immigrants here unlawfully. Biden’s transformed ICE into a taxpayer-funded deportation defense team rigging the system against justice.

Under Biden’s orders, ICE now funds illegals’ legal fees to appeal deportation plus free housing to hide from authorities until their case drags on endlessly.

This is beyond outrageous – it amounts to the US government bankrolling and sheltering those it’s legally mandated to remove. All while Americans suffer the costs of this mass defiance of law.

This bombshell report is just the tip of the iceberg in Biden’s shady schemes to nullify immigration enforcement. His contempt for citizens demands consequences – and justice is coming.

Biden Transforming ICE into Deportation Defense

A bombshell report has exposed Joe Biden’s covert ploy to shield illegal immigrants from deportation. The damning House Judiciary Committee interim staff report reveals how Biden’s social service programs provide migrants with a de facto deportation shield.

Two key initiatives highlighted are the disturbing Young Adult Case Management Program or YACMP and Case Management Pilot Program  or CMPP. They ensure migrants netted in the border crisis receive an array of taxpayer-funded services once released into the country by Border Patrol.

This is not humanitarian aid – it is a Trojan horse deliberately designed to make deportation of those here illegally next to impossible. 

The YACMP and CMPP transform the purpose of Alternatives to Detention or ATD from monitoring migrants to connecting them to benefits like Medicaid, food stamps, and subsidized housing.

Under Biden, ATD now funds cultural orientation classes, mental health counseling, and crucially, free legal assistance for migrants to fight their deportation cases. This covertly rigs the system in favor of those here unlawfully staying indefinitely.

Worse still, the programs make sure migrants are explicitly banned from participating in ATD’s few remaining enforcement mechanisms, like GPS tracking and monitoring.

The statistics expose the truth. Of over 6,500 migrants enrolled in YACMP, fewer than 0.3% have been removed from the country. None of the nearly 340 migrants in the CMPP have been deported at all.

These dismal numbers reveal the nefarious aim behind Biden’s social services charade. Providing illegal immigrants with free housing, welfare benefits, and legal help ensures they disappear into the country permanently.

At the core of this deception is a little-known bureaucrat named Claire Trickler-McNulty. She has transformed ATD into a social services behemoth catering to those here illegally while gutting what little enforcement remains. 

It’s no surprise Trickler-McNulty hails directly from George Soros’ orbit. She previously worked for KIND, his well-funded group that helps migrant kids fight deportation with endless appeals.

Installing Trickler-McNulty in a senior ICE position is like an arsonist taking over the fire department. Her mission is to extinguish ICE’s duty to uphold immigration law from within the agency.

She has used her bureaucratic camouflage to quietly enact radical policies at ICE that reward law-breaking and restrict enforcement. Trickler-McNulty is one of the most dangerous officials in Biden’s administration.

Her fingerprints are all over decisions that abolished deportations and overturned detention in favor of social services that permit illegals to disappear. She has all but smothered ICE’s law enforcement capabilities, enabling the border crisis.

Trickler-McNulty is representative of Biden’s army of anti-enforcement zealots burrowed into key immigration posts. Their aim is to not just restrict ICE operations, but permanently transform its role away from law and order.

They view immigration enforcement as illegitimate and discriminatory. So they institute policies designed to frustrate ICE officers into resignation or compliance with a neutered mission.

This subversive network explains the disintegration of border security under Biden’s watch. Radicals like Trickler-McNulty have facilitated the open borders agenda from their insider positions.

The YACMP and CMPP exposed by Congress are just the latest outbreak of this stealth campaign. They are specially crafted to keep migrants released at the border permanently rooted in the country.

Consider how absurdly counterproductive these programs are for controlling illegal immigration. They amount to the U.S. government actively funding migrants’ legal efforts to circumvent deportation.

Yet this reflects the Biden administration’s overriding priority – maximizing immigration through any means necessary, not enforcement. If laws must be skirted, due process sidestepped, and agencies corrupted to achieve this goal, so be it. 

The suffering inflicted on working-class communities overwhelmed by this lawless influx matters little to Biden and his corporate backers demanding cheap labor. Average citizens are mere collateral damage.

This callous attitude explains why Biden has brushed aside surging illegal immigration, fentanyl deaths, and public disorder in border regions brought by his policies. He considers sacrificing social cohesion and rule of law a small price to pay for his transformative open borders vision.

Americans see through this dangerous mindset. They’re fed up with Biden’s failing approach to immigration, which is why his approval ratings are in the dumps. Yet, he keeps pushing forward, convinced that history will look kindly upon his risky policy gambles. 

This fervent determination blinds Biden to how illegal immigration saps resources needed to uplift struggling Americans, whose dreams are sidelined as Biden continues to allow more and more criminal gangs into the country.

Unchecked flows also allow deadly drugs like fentanyl to penetrate communities now awash with counterfeit pills. And the growing presence of international cartels in U.S. cities fuels public corruption and violent crime.  

Biden’s government-funded deportation shield epitomizes disregard for how mass illegal immigration multiplies problems like poverty, lethal drugs, and gang violence plaguing Americans.

His administration has transformed agencies like ICE into illegal immigrant aid centers. This naked contempt for their core mission signals chaos will reign indefinitely.

Biden’s Covert Plan to Defund Deportations

Biden considers enforcement of longstanding immigration laws as not just outdated, but unjust. His administration violates democratic norms by exploiting power to effectively nullify laws they alone ideologically oppose.

Fortunately, sunlight proves the best disinfectant. The Judiciary Committee’s explosive findings have dragged Biden’s deportation shield machinations into the public eye where they cannot survive scrutiny.

This revelation must kickstart aggressive efforts to expose the full extent of lawlessness within Biden’s corrupted immigration agencies. Those like Trickler-McNulty who abuse power to covertly undermine enforcement must be held accountable.  

Biden’s dismantling of border security demonstrates policies matter more than idle rhetoric. The mere promise of restricting illegal immigration rings laughably hollow absent determined action.

As Biden excuses and entices more illegal immigration, the harm to America’s fabric intensifies. Citizens will hold accountable politicians who demonstrate such contempt for the national interest.

The only sane solution is to completely shut down illegal immigration and drastically curb legal immigration. But Biden has shattered any hopes of this through his divisive extremism.

By gutting immigration law enforcement rather than fixing loopholes, he has inflicted immense harm on the American people – especially the most vulnerable citizens in communities flooded with migrants.

Biden’s legacy will be turning America’s broken immigration system into a vehicle for exacerbating social disorder, crime, and economic woes rather than alleviating them. 

This bombshell report must galvanize efforts to restore respect for the law and voters’ wishes on immigration policy. The people must unite through democratic action to force Biden to own up to the devastation caused by his lawlessness.

At stake is nothing less than our national sovereignty, public safety, community health, and the survival of America’s ideals. On the critical issue of immigration, indifference and inaction in the face of Biden’s extremism are unconscionable.

The time has come to reclaim our institutions hijacked by zealots who placed their radical open borders ideology above the well-being of taxpaying citizens.

We must urgently act to protect America from the profound harm of unchecked mass migration enabled by Biden’s sabotage of immigration enforcement. His contempt for the anxieties of ordinary citizens amidst this volatile experiment cannot stand.

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