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Biden Reels As Schemes To Smear Trump Lie In Ruins


Perfect Storm Engulfs Biden As 2024 Looms

A storm is brewing in Washington as Biden scrambles to defend his crumbling house of cards. With the election fast approaching, the walls are rapidly closing in on a president haunted by scandals, lies and failures. 

His old attacks on Trump now lie in ruins, pulverized under the weight of truth. With his party in disarray, Biden faces a reckoning at the hands of voters ready to eject his flailing regime from power. 

As Biden clings desperately to deception and empty rhetoric, his credibility sinks deeper by the day. But Trump stands ready to deliver America from chaos – back toward order, prosperity and greatness. 

A raging storm of Biden’s own making now gathers, threatening to sweep him and his enablers out of government and into the dustbin of history.

The stage is set for an epic showdown between a flustered president backed into a corner and an energized Trump seizing momentum.

Reckoning Coming For Failing Biden Regime In 2024

The faster the 2024 election barrels get closer, the faster the walls rapidly collapse on President Joe Biden and his administration team. 

Still reeling from Snopes’ devastating fact check undermining one of their most reliable attacks used on Trump, the Biden team now faces a cascading series of crises. With the border spiraling into chaos, inflation strangling working families, and Biden’s approval ratings in freefall, stumbles blindly forward as his hopes for re-election teeter on the brink. 

Now stripped of their ability to portray Trump as a racist sympathizer, the Democrats’ arsenal against a resurgent Trump looks depleted. Each day brings a fresh controversy, scandal, or resignation to deepen the sense of doom enveloping the White House. 

The fact-checking organization Snopes recently published a bombshell article acknowledging that former President Donald Trump did not refer to neo-Nazis as “very fine people” in his comments following the controversial 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, despite Biden repeatedly making this claim over the years. How desperate can a president get?

In Trump’s original public remarks at the time, he explicitly stated that he was not calling the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and extremist groups who attended the protests “very fine people.” Trump clearly stated otherwise saying “they should be condemned totally.” 

This new assessment from the fact-checker aligns with what Trump’s team has staunchly maintained since the Charlottesville controversy first erupted—that Trump’s comments were deceptively misconstrued and weaponized to damage his reputation.

When launching his 2020 campaign, Biden prominently featured Trump’s supposed Charlottesville remarks in his announcement video, making it a lynchpin of his candidacy against Trump. 

Staring straight into the camera, Biden invoked “Charlottesville, Virginia” before accusing Trump of drawing a “moral equivalence” between hate groups and counter-protesters. This incendiary line of attack portraying Trump as sympathetic to neo-Nazis persisted as a main Democratic talking point throughout Biden’s successful campaign.

Border Crisis, Inflation Cripple Biden As Trump Eyes Revenge

In the years since Trump’s original statement, the perception that he praised white supremacists after Charlottesville calcified into accepted truth among liberals and high-profile Democrats. Snopes’ correction finally sets the record straight by debunking this dangerous misconception that dominated media coverage and political rhetoric for years.

Biden, Vice President Harris, and other administration officials have all personally propagated this characterization of Trump’s comments in their rhetoric and public statements. 

Snopes’ belated correction now completely undermines what has been an effective political line of attack against Donald Trump, who has consistently denied the accuracy of the interpretation that he supported neo-Nazis.

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally, Saturday, June 22, 2024, at Temple University in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

Some political observers have noted that the timing of Snopes’ clarification, coming just days before the first 2024 presidential debate between Biden and Trump, appears quite convenient for Trump. 

While Snopes’ timing is certain to fuel speculation, the organization does not generally take partisan considerations into account when assessing the factual accuracy of claims.

In the wake of Snopes’ high-profile fact check contradicting one of Biden’s most forceful condemnations of Trump, some liberal voices have reacted negatively to the ruling. Several progressive commentators have accused Snopes of bending to conservative pressure by acknowledging that Trump did not praise neo-Nazis in this instance. 

Others have attempted to justify Biden’s portrayal of Trump’s comments by arguing that Trump should have condemned racist groups more forcefully. Still, the overwhelming weight of the evidence shows Trump did not call neo-Nazis “very fine people,” and Snopes’ nonpartisan assessment reflects this.

Does Biden realize that gaslighting the American people with propaganda has failed catastrophically, as evidenced by his approval free-falling into the basement?

Snopes’ correction on Trump’s Charlottesville comments comes at a precarious time for Biden as he ramps up his campaign for re-election. Biden’s term has been marked by perceived declining mental acuity, questions about his son Hunter’s finances, persistently high inflation, an ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border, and other challenges that have contributed to persistently low approval ratings. 

With Biden’s popularity lagging entering election season, Snopes’ undercutting of one of his administration’s most forceful attacks on Trump could have far-reaching political implications.

The upcoming 2024 presidential debates will provide a prime opportunity to observe whether Snopes’ authoritative dismissal of claims about Trump praising neo-Nazis compels Biden and Democrats to shift away from this characterization they have relied on for years when attacking Trump. 

However, the sheer amount of political capital they have invested in cementing this narrative may make it difficult for Democrats to legitimately acknowledge Snopes’ belated fact check. Trump will almost certainly seize on this development to reinforce his defense against claims of racism.

In the years since the Charlottesville rally first sparked controversy, abundant evidence has emerged that Trump did not intend his comments to convey support for neo-Nazis or white supremacists. 

Now that the record has been set straight just as campaigning for the next presidential election  ramps up, Trump has new ammunition to defend himself against claims of racism that have been used to tarnish his reputation among portions of the electorate. 

Only time will tell whether Snopes’ authoritative verification of Trump’s account impacts public perception on this divisive issue as the contentious 2024 election cycle continues unfolding.

Flustered Biden Lashes Out As Agenda Implodes

Meanwhile, Biden continues pushing deceptive crime statistics to conceal the truth – that violent crime has exploded on his watch. Citing dubious FBI data, Biden claims crime is decreasing. 

However, the National Crime Victimization Survey exposes this as another big lie from a president notorious for falsehoods. Violent crimes have actually increased a stunning 43% since Biden took office, including shocking jumps in rapes, robberies, and assaults.

Biden lives in a fantasy world, fabricating his own alternate reality to hide his administration’s failures. Like a true radical leftist, he disseminates propaganda through a complicit media to hoodwink Americans

Fortunately, Trump sees through the web of deception and is unafraid to reveal the stark truth – the nation is suffering a massive crime wave enabled by Biden’s weakness.

As Trump vows, the minute he returns to the White House he will stand unequivocally with law enforcement. No longer will heroes in blue face demonization and discrimination from Washington. 

With steadfast support, police will regain the public’s trust and have the tools needed to decisively confront surging lawlessness. Immunity protections will prevent persecution of officers for simply enforcing the law against criminals.

In cities like Philadelphia, the consequences of handcuffing police are clear – families now fear walking once-safe neighborhoods as violence escalates. Empowered criminals roam freely under radical DAs like Larry Krasner who refuse to prosecute obvious offenders. 

Leftist ideology would rather give criminals leeway than stand with victims. Trump will reverse course 180 degrees by cracking down on gangs and cartels instead of harassing law-abiding citizens.

Americans are fed up with living in an upside-down system that punishes the innocent and gives handouts to the guilty. Biden and the Marxist left defund police departments and open borders, then feign ignorance when crime predictably spikes. Their reckless negligence has the blood of countless victims on its hands. No more.

With the Right’s resurgence, the era of demonizing police while canonizing criminals will end. No longer will Christians face jail time for exercising religious freedom while illegal immigrant rapists roam free. The radical policies today’s Left champions will be tossed onto the ash heap of history.

A panicked Biden lashed out as his agenda crumbled before the nation’s eyes. As their political ammunition disappears, the Democrats find themselves handcuffed and powerless to prevent their party’s looming collapse in 2024. The stage is set for Biden’s house of cards to come crashing down on top of his disgraced legacy.

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