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Biden Hints at Dropping Out as Campaign Flounders


Biden’s Campaign on Life Support

Joe Biden has privately confessed he’s seriously weighing to pull out of the race after his catastrophic debate implosion, according to bombshell new reports.

Biden allies reveal the shell shocked president knows he’s toast after his humiliating brain freeze on live TV. Sources say Biden admitted “two more events like that” abortion of a debate and he’s “in a different place” regarding his candidacy.

Translation – Biden’s campaign is flatlining fast and democrats are already pushing their bumbling leader toward the exit door. They see Biden’s obvious mental decline on full display and want him gone before he faceplants again for the world to see.

With poll numbers tanking and fundraising drying up after his debate debacle, even Biden now admits his last remaining marbles may not survive another Trump pummeling. The president’s upcoming events are being treated as make-or-break tests of his final shreds of competence.

But let’s be real – Biden’s cooked. His team can trot him out all they want, but nothing can stop the president’s downhill slide into complete incoherence. The Biden ship is sinking, and democrats are desperate to cut him loose before he drags them all down with him.

Biden Hints at Dropping Out

Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is on shaky ground as rumors swirl about whether the increasingly frail president will step down before November. Word is, Biden himself has hinted he might drop out if he can’t bounce back from his disastrous debate stumble against Trump.

After that train wreck of a debate, where Biden looked completely out of it, his allies say he’s seriously considering throwing in the towel rather than endure more humiliating showdowns with his sharper opponent.

Biden confessed to supporters that “two more events like that” abortion of a debate and he’s “in a different place” regarding his candidacy. Translation: his uninspiring campaign is flatlining fast.

The sinking president may use upcoming public appearances as a last-gasp test to gauge whether his elderly brain still functions well enough to blunder through an election. Miraculously recovering his marbles seems unlikely at this point for the increasingly feeble and vacant-looking Biden.

He still mumbles assurances that “I’m running” in desperate fundraising emails. But make no mistake, Biden already has one foot out the door of the race as far as most Democrats are concerned.

His disastrous debate highlighted growing unease among Democrats that Biden lacks the basic stamina and competence to withstand a rematch against Trump. The town fool could out-duel doddering Joe at this point. Watching the shambling husk of a president futilely grasp at elusive thoughts was painful for all. 

It’s fitting that the walking nursing home advertisement Biden sees retirement community residences as his last bastions of support. Because only dementia patients themselves are unaware of his obvious mental decline these days.

The cringe-worthy debate made Biden’s poll numbers tank even more against his Republican opponent. Now, Biden’s best bet might be to run for the exit and avoid more public embarrassment.

Biden vowed as president to “shut down the virus not the country,” but he may end up shutting down his collapsing campaign instead. The political obituary for Joe Biden, RIP 2024 is already being drafted. Democrats are already holding hushed talks about possible replacements for their electoral corpse of a candidate.  

Make no mistake, despite Biden’s half-hearted protestations that he’s still running, panicky libs are practically shoving him out the door already. They see the writing on the wall even if Biden’s cloudy mind can no longer make out words.

The reports of Biden privately acknowledging he could drop out at any moment align with the public tightrope walk his staffers are conducting. They know their babbling boss is just one profoundly embarrassing senior moment away from crumbling to dust before the nation’s eyes.

So they reassure worried supporters that Biden will soldier on while likely keeping a defibrillator close by to revive his dying campaign. Miracles do happen, but a Biden comeback seems even more fantastical than the Easter Bunny at this point. 

Still, Biden’s PR team trots him out for events like a dancing monkey desperately performing for an audience that would rather see literally anyone else on stage instead. Their efforts to prop up Biden are valiant but futile. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – let alone an elderly dog that can’t remember his own name half the time.

Biden will muddle through reading pre-approved remarks on a teleprompter and repeat the same anecdote about his dad for the thousandth time this weekend. Then on Monday, his handlers will breathlessly declare Biden has miraculously recovered his vigor! But their sad kabuki theater fools no one.

Behind the scenes, panicking Democrats are already discussing possible replacements as they watch their flagship candidate decomposing in front of them. The internal whispers about blessing Biden’s exit and replacing him with Kamala Harris or other less cadaverous alternatives are growing louder by the day.

Privately, even Biden’s closest allies admit that “the polls are plummeting, the fundraising is drying up, and the interviews are going badly” for their decaying star. The brutal truth is Biden currently checks all three boxes. The political rigor mortis has officially set in.

By every metric, Biden’s campaign is flatlining. Polls show even loyal Democrats think it’s past time for Biden to be powered down for good. Money is drying up faster than Biden’s memories. And public appearances only accelerate Biden’s slide into further incoherence. 

The verdict is in – Biden himself is the biggest threat to Democratic hopes in November at this point. Every time he opens his mouth in front of cameras, the confusion and emptiness inside is laid bare. Keeping Biden propped up much longer risks a complete public mental breakdown before November.

Poll Shows Biden Support Tanking

For the good of the country, Biden owes it to citizens to bow out gracefully now rather than bumbling on stubbornly like some political zombie past his expiration date. But the power-greedy career politician still clings desperately to his Oval Office throne, convincing nobody in the process.

Make no mistake, short of a health miracle, Biden is almost certain to hang up his dream of a second term before suffering more pummelings from Trump on the debate stage.

Right now, Biden is basically a boxer stumbling about while seeing triple after too many blows to the head. One more good Trump haymaker and the ref will have to jump in to save Biden from himself as he teeters on the edge of total lucidity collapse. 

For Biden’s family and allies, the most ethical decision would be convincing their pride-blinded loved one to retire gracefully before his accelerating mental decline becomes irreversibly tragic. But selfish careerism seems likely to rule over prudence and compassion yet again.

Still, with abysmal approval ratings and disastrous debate performance, Biden may see the writing on his ever-blurring mental chalkboard and choose to bow out on his own terms rather than face grueling campaign days spent battling his own fractured mind for words.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll found a staggering one-third of Democrats now want Biden to end his disastrous campaign altogether. Just months from the election, his own party is basically begging their bumbling leader to bow out before he faceplants again on live TV.

The poll lays Biden’s floundering naked – since the debate, he’s lost even more ground to Trump, who never misses a chance to highlight Biden’s advancing age and fading mental acuity. At this point, it’s borderline elder abuse forcing Biden to continue as the Democrats’ punching bag.

Even loyal liberals now see Biden as the frail, stumbling albatross who will drag their whole party over the cliff’s edge come November. With Biden at the helm, most Democrats foresee nothing but embarrassing defeats looming.

The poll offered little hope that other potential Democrat nominees would fare better against Trump. Names like Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom failed to outpace Biden significantly in hypothetical matchups.

The Democrats’ bench simply looks devoid of any standout talent who remotely stands a chance against Trump. And with Biden’s unstoppable mental decline, the Democrats are utterly lost and leaderless.

The poll also found nearly 60% of Democrats themselves see Biden as too old to be working in government at this point. Yet their party chieftains refuse to nudge this senior citizen into retirement for the good of the nation.

Biden vows to soldier on, but Democrats must override his delusions of adequacy and show him the door. Otherwise, his escalating incoherence will doom any chance of victory in november. 

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