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Biden Feeble Debate Exposes Accelerating Mental Decline


Bizarre Alternate Reality Painted By Democrats

After Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, the curtains have been pulled back on the great Oz. The image of a steady, competent president projected by Biden’s handlers has been shattered. 

Instead, Americans saw the real Biden behind the facade – confused, unprepared, and mentally fragile. The debate dispelled any illusion that Biden’s frequent cringe-worthy gaffes were one-off slip ups. They are clearly products of accelerating cognitive decline.

Yet Biden’s inner circle continues bizarrely insisting their emperor has fine new clothes. They deceptionally claim there is only “one Joe Biden” able to deliver results, even as insiders whisper of the president’s starkly limited work schedule and frequent mental lapses. 

The White House’s willingness to gaslight Americans about Biden’s fitness in order to cling to power has endangered democracy itself. Enabling a declining president threatens global stability.

As Biden crumbles before eyes, the full cost of the party’s win-at-all-costs mentality has been laid bare. Their politically correct ticket now looks primed to sink themselves and the nation. 

The time has come to finally confront the uncomfortable reality that President Biden is no longer able to discharge his duties.

Biden Visibly Lost At Step And Democrats Desperately Covering Up

After the humiliating debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Thursday, Biden’s mental status has raised huge concerns again about his fitness for the presidency. It’s obviously hard for his team and administration to admit it.

Biden’s team still bizarrely insists there is only “one Joe Biden” able to deliver results, directly contradicting their own reports. This bald-faced deception insults the intelligence of voters who can clearly see Biden declining before their very eyes. 

The President they witness on the public stage is routinely bewildered, checking notes repeatedly and relying on handlers to lead him through basic interactions. 

The White House’s dishonesty lays bare their win-at-all-costs mentality. They are willing to pretend a cognitively impaired president is still running the country effectively rather than level with American citizens. 

Meanwhile, alarming revelations about Biden’s starkly limited working hours have shaken confidence in his fitness to govern. According to administration insiders, Biden can only maintain focus between 10am-4pm. 

Outside this six hour window, they admit he grows confused, makes verbal miscues, and cannot stay energized. This starkly limited schedule for the leader of the free world strikes fear into the hearts of Americans. 

At the root of this crisis sits former President Obama, who anointed Biden as his successor despite glaring red flags about his mental deterioration. Obama’s team admits they had concerns about Biden’s capabilities even back in 2020. 

Yet they shoved him into the presidency anyway, prioritizing partisan victory over responsible leadership. This cynical gambit has now left America with a hollowed out figurehead unable to shoulder the duties of his office.

“The Biden administration and the Democrats have lied to us every single step of the way… They’ve been hiding this.”

“I blame Barack Obama. He’s the one that told us that Joe Biden was going to be the guy, but he’s in obvious decline. They should have wrapped this up last year, and Joe Biden should be on his victory lap this year and let the process play itself out,” Former Utah congressman said.

Biden himself has pathetically tried to explain away his crumbling faculties, claiming that while he can no longer debate or even speak smoothly, he somehow still knows how to lead. This disconnect reveals the delusion of a frail old man unable to accept his own decline. 

The daily bungles from his White House expose the truth that Biden lacks the focus or vigor to move America forward through these tumultuous times. 

Overseas, the consequences grow increasingly dangerous as US stature crumbles under feeble leadership. Adversaries like China, Russia and Iran are seizing the moment, emboldened by a doddering American president unable to project strength or stand resolutely against tyranny. 

Biden’s weakness has green-lighted brazen aggression from the enemies of freedom. The allies feel equally abandoned, realizing America is adrift under scatterbrained management. 

At home, Biden’s inability to vigorously govern dooms the progressive agenda he was installed to enact. While Democrats manage to drag his limp leadership across the finish line for some partisan wins, Biden lacks the dynamism or political skill to convince skeptical voters on the merits. 

His cognitive decline hinders the salesmanship and arm-twisting all presidents must master to shape public opinion and forge bipartisan compromise in a divided nation. Voters intuit something is amiss as Biden’s presidency sinks under the weight of his ineptitude.

Panicked Democrats have now set sights on Vice President Harris as their potential savior should Biden be forced aside. But here too they find little life support, since Harris is painfully unpopular among all voter groups outside the progressive activist class who powered her nomination. 

Her own presidential campaign famously floundered from lack of enthusiasm before famously attacking Biden’s character in a move reeking of desperation. Relying on the deeply polarizing Harris to rescue the party only tightens the noose they have placed around their own necks.

In the end, Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves for this spiraling disaster. Consumed by ideological zeal, they elevated Harris as Biden’s understudy based on surface identity traits rather than actual qualifications to potentially lead the nation in a time of mounting perils. 

As Biden crumbles, the full cost of choosing wokeness over competence comes crashing down on Democrats. Their politically correct ticket now looks primed to sink their party’s fortunes and the nation’s future.

Biden’s Frequent Brain Freezes Raise Grave Concerns Over His Capacity

Some Democrats cling to hopes that swapping out Biden for a stronger nominee could salvage their prospects against Donald Trump in 2024. But after enabling Biden for so long, such a naked ploy for power would only crystallize the party’s appalling lack of principle or care for responsible governance. 

Their only goal is partisan victory, no matter what the cost. Voters can see through such transparent opportunism, only cementing the case that today’s Democratic Party puts power over the country.

Biden’s sad decline was fully exposed in his catastrophic debate performance against the fiery Trump. Biden frequently appeared befuddled and overmatched, unable to forcefully respond as Trump landed repeated body blows highlighting Biden’s incompetence and far-left failures. 

The debate dispelled any notion that Biden’s frequent cringe-worthy gaffes were merely slip-ups rather than products of his accelerating mental deterioration. Yet even confronted with Biden’s obvious infirmities laid bare under the glare of the debate lights, Democrats bizarrely doubled down on excuses and demands for sympathy.

Watching their standard bearer flail helplessly, Democrats lashed out against the neutral moderators, the network, and even the very debate format itself rather than confronting Biden’s inability to withstand scrutiny outside his cushy, managed White House photo ops. 

Some Democrats even disgustingly suggested the bar for Biden should be lowered given his advanced age, rather than demanding the Commander in Chief demonstrate baseline competence to represent America on the world stage. 

This reveals their plan is to conceal Biden’s accelerating unfitness while power brokers run the White House machinery behind the scenes.

Their flailing only confirms the scale of Biden’s deterioration; comparing him to other leaders and demanding empathy both signal that Democrats realize Biden can no longer lead an administration much less the entire nation as global crises threaten.

As polls show voters’ faith in Biden’s leadership plummeting, Democrats have fallen back on their favorite distraction, desperately hyping Trump’s controversial style to divert attention from Biden’s diminished state.

But for all his unconventional bluster, Trump has always demonstrated the vigor, mental sharpness, and force of personality necessary to move the levers of government and confront adversaries. Voters know policy differences do not erase fundamental worries over Biden’s basic competence. 

The presidency is not a ceremonial position – the commander-in-chief must actually lead instead of a malfunction outside the working six hour days.

For the good of the nation, it is time for Democrats to state the obvious truth – Joe Biden is no longer capable of discharging his duties.

Voters see through the machinations of Biden’s handlers trying futilely to project vigor that cannot emanate from their faltering boss. Americans deserve a real leader who runs every aspect of his administration with clarity of mind, not a figurehead dragged from event to managed event while unelected aides pull strings and call shots behind the curtains. 

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