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Biden Exposed by Radio Host for Scripting Interviews


Radio Host Tells All

In a desperate attempt to control the narrative, the Biden campaign has been caught red-handed feeding interview questions to compliant media outlets. 

The scandal emerged after a Philadelphia radio host admitted she used pre-approved questions from Biden’s team during a recent interview.

The radio station, WURD, swiftly fired her for compromising their journalistic integrity. 

Biden’s fragile mental state requires this level of strict image control. The campaign knows he can’t handle policy debates or pointed questions.

But the American people won’t tolerate this disrespect forever. They see through the scripted dodges, evasions and excuses.

Biden is Desperate

The desperation levels of the Biden administration has hit absolutely shocking highs these past couple of days, and that is coming after an already abysmal debate performance that not even the Democrats can blindly prop up and make delusional excuses for.

But now since most of the mainstream media and almost every other Democrat strategist and expert worth their salt is indirectly clowning on Biden and his debate performance and prep, while also drawing a gloomy painting for the future of the Democrats if Biden surly loses to Donald Trump, the Biden campaign is now going full PR force and micromanaging Biden.

Recently a radio host has come out and confessed that the Biden team has given her pre approved interview questions for her to recite and ask Biden during the radio one on one interview.

And this all happened because a CNN reporter questioned the pattern of the questions further, if you can believe that or not. Goes to show how the public opinion has massively shifted for Biden if even the staunch democrats at CNN can’t help but poke holes at the clean cut reputation.

It was a CNN reporter that first got the two recent radio hosts that Biden wanted to reach out and have an interview with as part of his late plan to connect with the black voters that are turning against him and his nonsensical policies in droves.

Biden is Cognitively Declining

The CNN reporter questioned the first black radio host and asked him about his interview with Joe Biden and how he views it now that he is looking back, and if the Joe Biden he interviewed was the same Joe Biden that fumbled the bag so hard that the Democrats have taken refuge in panic mode.

This is all after he played a snippet of said radio interview that had Biden very clearly and consciously admit that he messed up his first rematch debate with Donald Trump; he tried to find an excuse within himself to justify his performance, but he couldn’t utter a word except I messed up.

Earl Ingram the radio host responded to the earlier question by acknowledging the long history he apparently had with Biden before recognizing that yes in fact people do age and change after decades. It is simply the cycle of life and he has been a victim to it as well.

But then he mysteriously and vaguely alludes to being shocked that even in spite of this previous knowledge about change and ageing that he possesses and understands, no one can deny how different Biden is from just two years ago, or even a year ago.

Every patriot and every American with some common sense and working eyeballs could already tell where he was going with this personal revelation, but it does not hurt that the CNN reporter asked him to clarify what he means exactly to all their viewers.

And Earl Ingram opened the floodgates and described how it can’t be denied how Biden is cognitively different and lacking compared to how he was only two or so years ago.

Biden has always had a speech impediment but people are slowly coming to realise how bad it is in the recent weeks because his mental ability is slowly decaying and faltering under the pressure of th presidential and electoral responsibility.

But it is honestly hilarious how it only took one in person debate with no script for the whole world to see how the conservatives and the republicans never lied when they accused Biden of being unfit for the president role.

It is an unfortunate reality that all Democrats have to live with, but not before they desperately and pathetically try all that they can to avert this oncoming disaster.

The Campaign Gets Exposed

And it all starts by supplying the media with a much more favourable and acceptable script to follow when they cover anything related to Biden or his presidential campaign moving forward.

The CNN reporter questioned the second radio host about the nature of the questions given how similar they all are; focusing mostly on his platform, policy, how he will approach disgruntled voters and what he plans to do differently after his first debate. Nothing that is ever confrontational and direct.

And the radio host – who has just been fired form her station for speaking the truth by the way -just flat out spills the bean and confirms that the Biden team has been approving only certain types of questions to be asked to Biden during the interview

And even with all the approval and the safeguards being put in place, Biden still stumbles and slurs his way through the interview and slips up by saying that he is the first black woman president of the United States.

Now if that is not the most reassuring thing in the world to listen to after your obviously mentally deficient president tries to convince you that he is good to go, then you probably have a good head on your shoulders.

The American people deserve the unfiltered truth, not scripted political theatre. If Biden cannot handle hard-hitting questions, he shouldn’t be a president.

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