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Biden Ditches Trump’s Drug Savings for Americans to Enrich China


Biden Chooses China Over Citizens

In a shocking move, President Biden scrapped a Trump policy that would’ve saved Americans billions on prescription drugs, just to funnel money to his Big Pharma buddies and boost China. 

By ditching Trump’s drug rebate rule, Biden took money from struggling Americans to pad the profits of huge pharmaceutical companies. He then used the savings to hand over $300 billion in subsidies to China’s electric car industry.

This isn’t just bad policy—it’s a betrayal. While Americans struggle with rising costs and tough choices, Biden is sending their money to enrich China. He’s prioritizing Beijing over the basic needs of our nation, and it’s indefensible.

Trump’s rebate rule was meant to lower costs for all Americans. But Biden ripped those savings away, showing utter contempt for the citizens he’s supposed to serve. His globalist agenda is crushing the working class.

This just highlights Biden’s philosophy of putting Americans last. He serves the elites while abandoning the marginalized. Biden’s repeated betrayals show why we need Trump’s America First agenda back, before it’s too late.

Biden Axes Trump Drug Savings

In a shocking move that exposes his administration’s callous disregard for America’s seniors, President Biden has gutted a Trump-era prescription drug rebate rule that would have saved older Americans billions of dollars on their medication. 

This heartless betrayal shows that Biden cares more about padding the profits of Big Pharma and advancing the interests of America’s greatest geopolitical rival than providing relief to vulnerable senior citizens struggling to afford essential medicines.

According to health policy experts, Trump’s rebate rule would have saved seniors billions in out-of-pocket drug costs over the next decade by requiring that discounts negotiated by pharmacy benefit managers be passed directly to patients at the pharmacy counter. 

But Biden repealed this common-sense regulation, denying seniors discounts that could lower the price of costly prescription drugs by 30 to 50 percent or more. He robbed America’s seniors to hand out over $300 billion in Green New Deal subsidies to Chinese electric vehicle companies and other nations through his so-called Inflation Reduction Act.

In one disgraceful move, Biden picked the pockets of our country’s elderly while enriching our biggest economic adversary. It represents the ultimate betrayal of the older Americans who sacrificed to build this country.

As Trump said when announcing his rebate rule back in 2020, “Today’s action ends this injustice and requires that these discounts go directly to the people. These are the people that need it. This will save patients up to 30 percent. It could be 40 percent, could be 50 percent, could be much higher than that.”

He made it clear the rule was specifically intended to provide relief to seniors struggling with high prescription costs. Trump cared about actually making life better for older Americans with concrete policies to reduce their burdens.

Unlike Trump, Biden has heartlessly reversed this progress to funnel billions to China’s state-owned electric vehicle industry through green energy scams. He is sacrificing the most vulnerable Americans to pay for socialist boondoggles.

It’s an indefensible betrayal of his duties as president. Biden’s first obligation is improving the lives of the American people – not sending our money to America’s enemies. 

China spends $300 billion subsidizing its electric vehicle industry to undercut U.S. manufacturers. Now Biden wants seniors to pay for China’s EVs instead of their prescriptions? Disgraceful.

Biden’s repeal of Trump’s rebate rule amid historic inflation represents astonishing cruelty to seniors struggling to survive on fixed incomes. The average Social Security beneficiary makes so little a year. They desperately needed the savings Trump offered. Instead, Biden stabbed them in the back.

And they will feel the consequences in the form of spiking drug costs. Next year, premiums for Medicare Part D prescription plans are set to skyrocket by over 20 percent on average for the more than 50 million seniors enrolled – the biggest hike in the program’s history. Premiums are estimated to surge another 50 percent by 2025 if no action is taken.

This is directly due to the costs Biden imposed by repealing Trump’s visionary regulation. He stripped seniors of billions in savings just when they needed relief most. Inflation has already eroded seniors’ hard-earned retirement savings. Now Biden is making their medications unaffordable.

Biden even betrayed his own promises on drug pricing. He has repeatedly paid lip service to the need to lower costs. But killing Trump’s rebate rule accomplished the opposite – it will raise prices for millions. It’s further proof Biden can’t be taken at his word. His actions show who he truly serves – Big Pharma and China, not American seniors.

Trump’s rebate rule was an ingenious free market reform to cut costs through competition. It would have deprived pharmacy benefit managers of billions in kickbacks and price gouging, forcing them to directly pass on discounts to patients instead. As Trump said, it required that “these discounts go directly to the people.”

Americans Robbed to Fund China

Simple in concept, but revolutionary in impact. Experts say it would have saved seniors thousands per year. Biden snatched those savings away and left seniors holding the bag. There’s no excuse for such cruelty at a time when seniors can barely afford necessities like gas and food.

Biden’s feeble excuses can’t hide the fact that he’s totally caved to China’s economic attacks on the U.S. He talks a big game about being tough on China, but then only imposes tiny sanctions on areas where we barely import anything. Compared to Trump’s bold moves, it’s an embarrassing failure.

Trump slapped massive 60% tariffs on Chinese goods, hitting them where it hurt and protecting American jobs. He knew we had to push back against China’s unfair trade practices that have cost millions of U.S. manufacturing jobs. Meanwhile, Biden’s actions are weak and mostly for show.

Biden’s so-called “targeted” sanctions avoid areas that would actually make a difference. He leaves China’s most harmful job-killing imports alone. His “get tough” approach is just a PR stunt to cover up his complete surrender to Beijing. He’s a globalist puppet without the guts to stand up to America’s enemies.

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jared Bernstein stated that the tariffs on China that Biden announced are different from the approach of Trump because Biden’s tariffs only apply to areas “where we import very little from China.”

Bernstein rightly said, “I think it’s the difference between the narrowly-targeted, very precisely-targeted tariffs that President Biden has put in place, in areas where we export – where we import very little from China. In fact, a little bit less than 4% of our imports, as regards to the recent announcement that the President has made. When it comes to electric vehicles, where the President took that tariff rate up to 100% for Chinese EVs, we import less than 400 million with an M. So, that’s virtually nothing with an economy that’s $28 trillion in size. On the other hand, the former President has a set of tariffs that are incredibly sweeping and the opposite of targeted, a 60% tariff on everything from China and 10% on all imports. Now, let’s stop calling it a tariff. Let’s call it a tax. It is a tax on consumer spending, that will hit middle-class families and have exactly the opposite effect on inflation of everything we’ve talked about so far in this President’s agenda. … Even estimates by former members of the Trump team tell us that that will raise inflation. So, exactly the wrong direction to go on that.”

Trump didn’t shy away from confronting China, despite all the criticism from global elites. He fought for American workers and national interests. Biden, on the other hand, caters to Davos and Wall Street, protecting their profitable ties with China. He’s serving his donors, not the American people.

While Biden enriches China with subsidies for their state-owned companies, Trump focused on America’s middle class. Biden won’t even admit that China is our top geopolitical threat, whereas Trump named it outright. Americans need a fighter like Trump in the Oval Office, not “Beijing Biden” whose family has profited from Chinese deals.

Biden talks a lot but never takes real action against China. His weak sanctions show he’ll always appease our top adversary. Trump’s sweeping tariffs hit China’s predatory practices hard. That’s how you defend America’s interests. 

Biden’s globalist agenda is selling out our workers and making China richer. We need Trump’s America First strength back in the White House before Communist China becomes too dominant.

In November, vote like your seniors’ drug prices and financial survival depend on it – because under Biden’s greed-driven globalism, they absolutely do.

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