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Biden Colluded With CIA Cronies to Steal 2020 Race


Biden Conspired With CIA

This just in – a jaw-dropping new scandal shows Biden’s rogue intel goons illegally rigged the 2020 election to install their crooked puppet Biden. 

Shady ex-CIA Chief Mike Morell led the unprecedented election heist operation by weaponizing disinformation to hijack democracy. Morell tried selling his soul for a Biden admin job.

Morell’s band of 51 corrupt bad actors spread lies about Hunter’s laptop and colluded with the media and big tech to censor the truth and bamboozle voters.

These lawless intelligence cronies betrayed America by overriding voters to plant their preferred mob boss Biden. Their brazen power grab makes Biden an illegitimate president imposed through fraud.

Biden’s deep state henchmen teamed up with Silicon Valley and the fake news media to steal 2020 through lies and censorship. It’s the biggest election rigging scandal in history.

Now the truth is out – Biden seized power through illegal cheating and establishment treachery! his presidency is fraudulent and must be exposed then terminated.

CIA Helped Biden Seize Power

A massive scandal has exploded after revelations that CIA contractors attempted to steal the 2020 election for Joe Biden. Newly uncovered records show ex-CIA Chief Mike Morell and other former officials were active agency contractors when they spread disinformation before the election to swing it for Biden.

Morell disgracefully weaponized his credibility to push the lie that Hunter Biden’s authentic laptop was “Russian disinformation.” He openly admitted his goal was handing Biden’s a talking point against Trump. Morell tried prostituting himself in hopes of securing an administration job. 

This brazen election meddling involved 51 well-connected insiders conspiring to defraud voters. One CIA official rightly criticized the partisan scheme, saying it harmed the agency. But Morell and his crooked cronies didn’t care. They prioritized installing Biden over their duty to the country.

This unprecedented CIA corruption scandal reveals new depths of the Washington swamp’s dishonesty. Top intelligence officials became political operatives pushing disinformation to serve Biden. This is a profound betrayal of their oaths that should outrage all Americans.

The crime is horrifying enough. But we now know Biden was conspiring with Big Tech to suppress the laptop story while his CIA pals called it “disinformation.” Colluding with agencies and corporations to hide the truth and deceive citizens is next-level corruption.

Biden isn’t a defender of democracy – he’s its enemy. His path to power involved lying, cheating and now a deep state intelligence operation. Biden is an illegitimate president imposed on America through fraud. 

Everything about crooked Biden reeks of deception. He incessantly claims Trump is a “threat to democracy” while his own election involved CIA lies, press collusion and Big Tech censorship. This rank hypocrisy proves Biden’s only commitment is to naked power.

The suppressed Hunter Biden’s laptop story wasn’t baseless accusations. It contained solid evidence of the Biden family’s overseas business deals and blackmail threats. But Biden’s CIA cronies cooked up phony “disinformation” charges to protect their preferred candidate.

This wasn’t just election meddling – it was a silent coup. Unelected intelligence cronies gaslit the country to install their chosen puppet. The establishment ensured voters couldn’t evaluate accurate reporting on Biden’s family corruption that may have swung the election. 

Americans have lost faith in institutions like the CIA for good reason. They’ve become arms of the Democrat Party abusing their power to manipulate politics. The Obama administration weaponized agencies to spy on Trump, and now the CIA swayed an election through disinformation.

After Trump’s election, Democrats screeched endlessly about “attacks on democracy.” Yet when the system really was rigged on Biden’s behalf, they stayed silent. Their phony principles are flexible – whatever skews left is permitted.

In contrast, Trump has faced relentless persecution for imaginary “attacks on democracy” over the last eight years. His life has been turned upside down by bogus investigations over a fake Russia collusion hoax the Hillary Clinton campaign concocted.

Trump was harassed by aggressive prosecutors over his phone call with Ukraine’s president and baseless accusations he incited January 6th. A biased judge fined him $1 million in the bogus New York case. Through it all, Trump has maintained his innocence while Biden is proven corrupt.

Now the curtain has been pulled back on the anti-Trump election meddling Biden allies in the CIA, media and Big Tech engaged in. Compared to Biden’s scandals, the allegations against Trump look like schoolyard fibs.

Proving his lack of ethics, Biden has refused to condemn his intelligence allies’ election interference. He doesn’t care how he obtained power. Meanwhile his dishonest press continues denying their collusion with Biden’s campaign to hide the laptop story.

With Biden in the Oval Office, his son Hunter has escaped any accountability for evidence on the laptop showing his shady foreign deals. Crooked Biden used his office for family enrichment for years. But the FBI helped protect Biden by suppressing the laptop and aiding election theft.

The FBI has likewise become a political hit squad instead of a law enforcement agency. It raids Trump allies while giving Biden associates like Hunter a free pass. This rampant corruption has demolished trust in once-respected institutions.

Biden’s claims to be “protecting democracy” grow more absurd by the day. He conspired with deep state cronies to steal an election through coordinated disinformation. New polls show the public recognizes Trump as the superior guardian of America’s democratic traditions. 

Trump Stronger On Protecting Democracy 

A Washington Post survey found voters believe Trump would do a better job than Biden defending democracy by an 11-point margin. Even in swing states Biden narrowly won, people see Trump as the bigger democracy advocate.

This reveals the hollowness of Biden’s “democracy” posturing. He lied nonstop about Trump “threatening democracy” in 2016 and 2020. Now we know Biden was the true democracy threat all along.

While Biden was working with intelligence operatives, media propagandists and Silicon Valley allies to rig the results, Trump has been democracy’s staunchest defender.

Trump has steadfastly insisted on honest elections and exposed mass mail ballot dumps, dark money and Big Tech tilting the scales for Biden. He’s the foremost critic of the unelected deep state sabotaging democratic rule on Biden’s behalf.

Unlike cowardly Republicans, Trump is unafraid to call out the Federal Bureau of Insurrection’s unprecedented harassment campaign against him. He’s shining light on the police state tactics deployed to delegitimize a sitting president. 

Rigging elections through media and tech allies while weaponizing intelligence agencies is standard practice for corrupt dictatorships. That’s what Biden and the rotten Democrat establishment did in 2020. Their stolen election via illegal scheming should delegitimize Biden entirely.

Biden acts oblivious as the country spirals into disaster under his feckless leadership. Out-of-control inflation is crushing family budgets and slowing growth. 

Instead of addressing real priorities like the economy and border crisis, Biden obsesses over sketchy new “disinformation” boards and climate mysticism. He displays no competence as the country flounders and enemies like China surge.  

Biden’s approval ratings have cratered to some of the lowest ever as Americans realize they were swindled. Trump’s booming economy, secure border and America First foreign policy were wildly popular. Biden has brought misery, inflation and war.

The whole Biden clan is cashing in on his presidency. Documents show a communist China-tied firm funneled $10 million to the Biden family including Joe himself. Biden repeatedly lied claiming he knew nothing about these crooked deals.

Biden also dishonestly pretends he wasn’t involved in his son Hunter’s shady business schemes. But the suppressed laptop proves Joe was the “big guy” named in emails as slated to receive a 10% cut from a Chinese deal.

Biden should be hammered relentlessly as illegitimate. The damning revelations of how his corrupt cronies in intelligence and media stole 2020 must be exposed. He needs to be hounded out of office and ideally prosecuted.

The stench of crime and coverage-up permeating Biden should sink his presidency. The mounting scandals reveal an impostor who seized power through fraud and abused it for personal gain. 

Americans see the tentacles of corruption strangling their once-proud republic and becoming outraged. If Team Biden stole the White House through fraud, the legitimacy of his presidency and all acts flowing from it are voided. 

This growing understanding places Biden’s on the precipice of total delegitimization. His house of cards built on a stolen election through suppression and illusion is collapsing. Badly compromised Biden will soon be forced out in disgrace.

The bombshell election theft revelations shred Biden’s credibility to bits. Trust in him is shattered as his web of deceit unravels. Soon Biden’s presidency could lay in tatters, exposed as a Trojan horse for the tyranny of corrupted deep state bureaucrats and political insiders.

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