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Biden Caught Corrupting Elections to Cling to Power


GOP Exposes Biden Plot to Rig The Election

New evidence exposes Joe Biden’s dark plot to rig and steal the election. This explosive scandal goes all the way to the top, implicating Biden himself in an egregious assault on the integrity of our elections. 

GOP Congressman Bryan Steil blew the whistle on Biden’s brazen scheme to corrupt the election process and cement one-party Democratic rule. Steil revealed that Biden signed an executive order unleashing federal agencies to carry out mass partisan voter registration under the guise of “voting access.”

In Biden’s America, our impartial civil service is being perverted into a political machine for the Democrats. Steil is sounding the alarm that Biden aims to “tilt the scales” and calls the voter drive plot an “attempt to manipulate the outcome.”

Even more alarming, Biden has politicized immigration policy solely for political gain, throwing open our borders to import millions of future Democratic voters. This represents an unconscionable corruption of our sovereignty.

Biden knows his unpopular policies can’t win elections fairly anymore. Now, he’s scheming to defeat election integrity measures and ram through federal takeovers of elections.

Make no mistake – Joe Biden intends to betray the will of the people to unfairly win the White House again. This imperils the integrity of our democratic traditions.

Biden Scheme to Tilt Election Exposed

In a stunning exposure of corruption at the highest levels of government, new evidence reveals that the Biden administration has been secretly scheming to manipulate the outcome of the presidential election. This egregious assault on democracy was uncovered by Republican lawmakers, who are now vowing to stop Biden’s brazen power grab. 

According to Congressman Bryan Steil, chairman of the Committee on House Administration, President Biden signed an executive order in March 2021 that essentially weaponizes federal agencies to carry out partisan voter registration efforts under the guise of promoting voting access. 

This executive order, known as Promoting Access to Voting, directs agencies across the executive branch to find ways to register new voters and boost turnout. Steil called it a “scheme” by Biden to “tilt the scales” in the election.

Biden’s brazen schemes to manipulate the election clearly stem from his cratering popularity with voters. Recent polls consistently show Biden losing badly to.

In Steil’s words, “Elections are partisan, but our election administration should never be partisan. Allowing federal employees from the Biden administration to flood election administration sites threatens election integrity and reduces Americans’ confidence.” 

He added, “This executive order is another attempt by the Biden administration to tilt the scales ahead of 2024. I will continue working to provide transparency and accountability on this administration’s latest scheme as Congress did not appropriate taxpayer funds for partisan activities.”

It is outrageous that Biden would so brazenly order federal agencies, funded by taxpayer dollars, to engage in what amounts to campaign activities. As Steil correctly notes, Congress did not appropriate any funding for such partisan voter registration drives. Biden is completely overstepping his constitutional authority. 

To uncover the full extent of Biden’s election interference plot, Steil has issued subpoenas to 15 Cabinet secretaries demanding they turn over their plans for carrying out Biden’s executive order. 

Details have already emerged about how Biden is mobilizing federal agencies to carry out covert voter registration efforts. For example, alarming leaked documents reveal the Department of Education is unleashing universities to register students en masse under the guise of federal work-study programs.

The Department of Education recently issued new requirements mandating that universities receiving federal work-study funds actively distribute voter registration forms and assist with registering as many students as possible. 

The Department claims this is just following normal laws, but the timing and nature shows it is actually an underhanded attempt to register more Democratic-leaning students.

Likewise, the Small Business Administration was caught colluding with Michigan’s Secretary of State to hand out voter registration materials and sign up entrepreneurs and small business owners who interact with SBA offices and programs. 

The SBA has over 100 field offices across the country and runs various lending and assistance initiatives, putting the agency in prime position to register potential Democratic voters in all 50 states.

These are just a few of the ways Biden’s executive order is being stealthily implemented across the federal bureaucracy. 

Steil explained: “Over the last few months, some agencies have taken actions that were likely outlined in their strategic plans. Examples include the Department of Education’s new federal work-study requirements, and the Small Business Administration’s entrance into a voter registration agreement with Michigan.” 

This is a massive abuse of power by Biden to corrupt the integrity of our elections. He is shamelessly harnessing the federal bureaucracy to do his political dirty work ahead of november. It reeks of desperation from an unpopular president who knows he cannot win reelection fairly.

Outraged Republican Senators have also rebuked the Biden administration for stonewalling their inquiries about this voter drive scheme for months. In a letter signed by Mitch McConnell and 22 other GOP Senators, they blasted Biden’s “failure to respond” to their demands for information about how agencies are executing his electioneering executive order. 

The Senators pointed out that Biden’s action merits oversight under the Antideficiency Act, which prohibits federal personnel from engaging in activities that Congress has not funded. In other words, Biden is brazenly misusing federal resources for his own political purposes.

A lawsuit filed earlier this year alleges Biden’s executive order deliberately targets key demographics, like welfare recipients, to benefit his party in elections. 

As Tarren Bragdon, president and CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability, put it, “it’s no wonder Team Biden is using their authority and resources to target welfare populations with a federally funded get-out-the-vote effort.

“If they are allowed to fully execute their plan, it could swing the election outcome.” 

This amounts to a taxpayer-funded, institutional effort by Democrats to sway elections in their favor.

Democrats Mobilize Agencies for Partisan Voter Push

In addition to mobilizing domestic agencies, Biden has now been caught red-handed trying to manipulate our elections by registering newly naturalized immigrants as voters en masse. 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced it is updating its naturalization ceremony procedures specifically to expand voter registration among new U.S. citizens. 

This policy change stems directly from Biden’s executive order on promoting voting access. The agency will now require local election officials to be on site at naturalization ceremonies to register new citizens right after they take the oath. 

In coordination with partisan activist groups, these new voters are to be strong-armed into registering as Democrats.

Perhaps the most alarming part of Biden’s election scheme is the brazen way he has politicized immigration to pack the electorate with more Democratic voters. Biden’s open border policies have produced a massive influx of illegal immigrants, whom he hopes will provide a new base of support for Democrats once legalized and mobilized to vote.

This represents an unconscionable corruption of our immigration system for political gain. Biden has intentionally thrown open our borders to import millions of future Democratic voters. He is selling out our national sovereignty in exchange for maintaining his party’s grip on power.

Additionally, the Biden administration is working overtime to defeat election integrity measures like voter ID requirements and cleaning up outdated registration rolls. 

Democrats have also tried to ram through sweeping federal takeovers of state election systems, which would inflate voter rolls with illegal immigrants, criminals, and ghost voters that skew heavily Democratic. 

Biden is twisting our impartial federal agencies and immigration system into political machinery to save his failing presidency. He knows that his far-left agenda has been deeply unpopular, and that only electoral corruption can keep Democrats clinging to power. 

These schemes cast serious doubt on whether any election with Biden on the ballot can be considered free and fair.

Our democracy is under grave threat. Biden clearly intends to betray the will of the people to unfairly win the White House again. He is degrading America’s centuries-old tradition of peaceful transfers of power between political rivals. The integrity of our elections is now merely an obstacle for Biden and the radical left’s agenda. 

Congress must urgently act to counter Biden’s election takeover plans. Our system depends on officials winning power legitimately through persuasion, not institutional manipulation. 

Any politicians who attempt such blatantly corrupt power grabs do not deserve to lead a great nation. Unless Biden’s anti-democratic scheming is fully exposed and stopped, the election, and America’s future itself, hang in the balance.

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