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Biden Administration is Cornered by Reporters


Anger in the White House

Tensions inside the White House just erupted into public view over the burning question of Biden and his declining health.

Sparks flew as Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced off with reporters demanding answers about a bombshell January meeting between Biden’s doctor and a top Parkinson’s neurologist.

As tensions mounted, the briefing room erupted in anger at the transparent stonewalling and secrecy. And we got ourselves a nice old shouting match.

Reporters pressed forward, demanding the truth as Jean-Pierre frantically tried to defend the White House’s nonexistent credibility.

But if the White House cannot level with the public about Biden’s condition, they risk further collapse in confidence in his leadership.

Biden Administration Caught In a Lie

Tensions erupted in the white house recently as the white house press secretary Karine Jean Pierre had a heated exchange with a reporter just trying to do his job and getting to the bottom of the controversy surrounding Biden and his ever so declining mental and physical health.

But how did we get to this point exactly? Well, new revelations that a top neurologist specialising in Parkinson’s disease met with President Biden’s doctor at the White House in January reached the public’s circle of knowledge, and as you might have guessed have reinvigorated concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health going into the election battle with Trump – as if the first ever presidential rematch debate didn’t showcase that enough.

Dr. Kevin Cannard of Walter Reed Medical Center, considered an authority on Parkinson’s, met with Biden’s physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor along with a cardiologist in the White House residence on January 17th according to the leaked info.

While obviously the White House refused to comment further on these revelations and give any sort of credence to what might possibly be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for every sad democrat voter, it is not out of the realm of possibility and reality to assume that the parkinson’s expert was there to consult on the old man president himself – who might I remind you, is 81 years old.

Biden Administration Fails to Ease Concerns

This news comes amid growing worries over Biden’s frequent cognitive lapses and slurred delivery. His debate performance against President Trump alarmed many viewers as Biden struggled at times to form basic coherent sentences.

Yet, and despite all this shady business surrounding Biden and his health, Dr. O’Connor gave Biden a clean bill of health at his physical in February, explicitly ruling out Parkinson’s disease.

O’Connor serves essentially as a family doctor to the Bidens and we can expect some favourable treatment that paints a rosy picture for Biden and whether or not he is ready and fit to continue leading the nation to the ground.

But inviting a Parkinson’s specialist to the White House residence clinic indicates there may be undisclosed health concerns about Biden’s neurological functioning that the Biden administration are trying to keep close to their chest for safety.

It started with the White House actively stonewalling transparency about Biden’s true condition from the media, but now that the American people – especially the democrat voters – are slowly opening their minds to the idea that Biden may be too old after all, reports and testimony is coming out confirming the details.

One testimony belongs to the former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson who went to assert that O’Connor is indeed helping cover up Biden’s worsening mental decline at the behest of the Biden family.

And now fast forward to recent times and suddenly the media – the liberal media in particular – is all over the “Biden is declining” story and are trying to reach to the bottom of it.

A Fighting Match

This culminated in a reporter bluntly asking the white house press secretary Karine Jean Pierre if the parkinson’s specialist was here for the president. It is a simple yes or no question, she is supposedly a smart woman so she wouldn’t object to anything and try to steer the conversation away, right?

Unfortunately, you would be hilariously wrong; because miss Karine Jean Pierre proceeded to just stonewall the reporter with unnecessary information and gibberish about the process through which Biden’s health is tested yearly, until she caved in slightly and revealed how he is seeing a neurologist as part of his normal check ups.

The reporter tries asking the question again to emphasise his point and tries to gouge either a yes or a no but Karine Jean Pierre is having none of it and refuses to disclose who the expert was there to visit for security reasons.

But as soon as she gave her second answer – which was the same as the first one to be clear – the press room erupted with anger as the reporters started throwing shade and shouting at the press secretary because she has been clearly avoiding the question like the plague.

The intense back and forth showed how Karine Jean Pierre could not for the life of her control the tension and the activity in the room, as multiple reporters voiced their concern about the white house being obviously secretive and shady in regards to the president’s health.

This led to Karine Jean Pierre basically shouting her way through the conversation and trying to explain her very clear statements to mean something that the reporters seemingly never picked up on.

It was a lose lose match either way because the reporters were not going to stop their questions, and the press secretary would not budge and confirm the already leaked information to the wider public.

But at least the American people got to witness the white house crumble under the weight of their own lies for once.

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