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AOC Humiliates Herself Publicly with Unhinged Speech


A Radical Democrat

AOC has done it again – providing a case study in unhinged Democratic hysteria. Her recent rally supporting a flailing candidate erupted into a spectacle of cringeworthy antics that epitomize the left’s detachment from reality.

In a scene befitting radical revolutionaries, AOC burst onto stage blasting aggressive rap music like a wannabe revolutionary fomenting the masses.

Jumping around maniacally, she spoke of conspiracy theories and fighting non-existent people.

Whipping her base into a frenzy against centrist organisations, AOC embodied the left’s slide into authoritarianism. Anyone not fully onboard with her radical ideology instantly becomes an enemy of the people.

By embracing extremists like AOC, Democrats legitimise the psychos and undermine the democratic foundation that this great nation is built upon.

By embracing extremists like AOC, it is clear what side the Democrats choose, and it is not the side of the patriotic Americans.

AOC Public Meltdown

The democrats can’t sit down for just a couple of brief moments without causing immense amounts of controversy and scandal. The democrats can’t just pipe down and not show the whole world and every patriotic United States citizen and voter how unhinged and maniacal they truly are.

It does not take a lot of effort to pull the mask all the way off a corrupt and sleazy democrat. And it certainly does not take a gargantuan effort to take Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s mask off; She will gladly do it herself and publicly in front of thousands of mindless, cheering, clapping Democrat seals.

This is word for word what happened when miss AOC took the chance to appear at a south Bronx rally trying to hype up a failed Democrat candidate so that he can stay just a little bit more in the election race to get stomped out by conservatives even harder.

Now let us play a small game where we guess how AOC started the rally and tried to hype it up. Do you think she entered in a very respectful manner – you know, something befitting of an actual politician maybe? Do you think she maybe had a little music going and tried to start getting the crowd to cheer her in a reasonable manner? Or maybe she just let the people’s true opinions and hype start the wave as she rides it to valiant and respectful speech?

Well, unfortunately if you guessed any of these scenarios then you are absolutely wrong and you should probably stay in blissful ignorance of anything related to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

What actually opened the rally was AOC blasting rap music with no concern for anyone or anything, and then jumping around like a maniac or a toddler that had too much sugar trying to look excited but coming off unhinged more than anything else.

Then she starts to shout some words into the mic, but the song is so loud and the organisers are somehow not getting the memo about turning the noise pollution down, that AOC ends up looking even more insane slurring her words and shouting incoherent slogans that can’t even be heard.

This whole first act was reminiscent of an authoritarian or a radical trying to urge their people to riot or to cause an insurrection of some sort. It is quite funny how everything the Democrats fight against in Republicans end up being just a projection of their own beliefs and ideals.

AOC gives a Radical Speech

Moving on from the circus that started this whole thing here, AOC starts her speech by rambling on and on and thanking all her friends, family, and the people of south Bronx, while somehow maintaining the same unhinged cadence she had to hype the crowd up.

Then she started riling up the people in attendance to fight against organisations like the AIPAC and big money lobbyists in “Wall Street”.

Once again really painting the picture of an unhinged radical rallying up the masses to commit atrocities in the name of a “woke” Democratic agenda. She really can’t help but present herself in the most psychotic way possible.
And if you thought AOC couldn’t possibly get even more psychotic, she starts cementing her war rallying speech by presenting stakes. What stakes you might ask? Well, she tries to make it this huge and consequential thing when all she talks about is a bunch of conspiracy theory bullshit about republicans ganging up against the community and all the people they represent.

How to Corner A Radical

But if you ask AOC about those shadowy figures playing puppet masters behind the scenes and orchestrating all of these so-called attacks she speaks off, she will never give you a straight answer. Because it is all a bunch of Democratic delusions to keep their voter base happy enough with the dire state of the political party.

She will instead pivot to the person she is here to act as a hype woman for; a failed Democrat representative by the name of Jamal Bowman. And even then, she will try to appeal to the sympathetic part of the audience with a sad sob story about her family for some reason.

And then when things don’t go her way, she will pivot once more to act like a history teacher and give a history lesson about racism in the area from absolutely nowhere and without any clear reason or necessity. It is something that will have no bearing on anything in the present and certainly nothing in the future, but AOC will make sure to bring it up to win some brownie points with the “woke” mob.

AOC continues with her unhinged hype woman speech and talks about all the unnamed and definitely not imaginary opposition forces that are specifically targeting Jamal Bowman for some inexplicable reason. The shadowy figures have not found anyone else to bother or target that is more high profile than Jamal Bowman. Colour me impressed and giddy with all the lies I am witnessing right now.

And somehow all these people behind the scenes invested dark money worth 20 million dollars to fight against Jamal Bowman without anyone taking notice or having anything to say about it.

AOC really believes all her statements and insinuations. She actually believes that the Republicans are fighting against the community and not doing all that they can to lift up the people to a more prosperous future.

AOC really thinks that Republicans don’t give a damn about the people, which is yet another hilarious projection by an ignorant Democrat that cares about no one but herself and her image.

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